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Alas, Instagram does not yet have functionality for reposting posts: so that after pressing one button, the content is immediately duplicated in your account. In my opinion, this is due to the visual nature of the social network. After all, with the help of reposts, you can fill your account with beautiful photos and turn it into a simple hodgepodge of other people’s interesting content, which will take away some of the attention from primary sources – photographers, writers, bloggers, and so on.

If you just copy someone’s content, it will be considered plagiarism and theft, so it is better to repost using special services or manually, but with full indication of the source.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods.

How to repost a post on Instagram Stories

A simple and legal way to share content, but short-lived. Each story disappears after 24 hours. Of course, you can save it in eternal stories if you or your subscribers need to have the information close at hand. At the same time, do not forget to correctly design the section of relevant stories.

It’s very easy to repost

If you want to duplicate a post in your feed, then you can do it manually.

You can read more about all reposts in stories in the article “How to repost on Instagram Stories: step by step instructions”.

How to repost a post manually

  1. You need to make a screenshot of the post to save the photo on your phone or use the DownloadGram or Intagrab service. They will help you keep all photos and videos in their original size without losing quality. They are convenient to use both from a phone and a PC.
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This is how it looks like downloading a picture from the official account @ (pet store “Four paws”) using the service “Instagram”

  1. Copy the text from someone else’s post completely or change it as you wish. Add to your new post.
  2. At the very beginning or at the end of the quotation part (if you only need a fragment), indicate “Repost from @ account_name” or “Source @ account_name”.

In order not to waste time saving content from your phone, you can repost from your computer using the SMMplanner deferred posting service. You can not only quickly and easily save someone else’s content, add a link to sources, but also schedule the time of publication. There will be no watermarks or mentions of other people’s accounts.

How to repost using the app

Download the application you need, copy the link to the post into it, press the button and enjoy the results. Alas, if you want to do this for free, then a watermark will remain on the photo when you repost, indicating the source account.

Here is a list of the most popular sharing apps.

Reposts using applications can only be made from open accounts. If you repost from a closed account using a screen, then it is better to warn the owner about this in advance and ask for permission to disclose information.

Repost for Instagram

English language application. After installation, it automatically connects to your authorized Instagram profile, which confuses many users.

To repost, you need to copy the link to the post and the application will process it automatically. After choosing the method of indicating the author in the photo, you will need to open Instagram, paste the text from the clipboard and publish the post. You can change the way your account is mentioned if you want.

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Here I give an example of reposting my ancient post.

The application is available for Android users, saves the history of reposts or simply copied links. Alas, the publication of a photo without a repost icon is available only after purchasing the application. For iOS users, there is a similar app from another publisher.

Repost for Instagram – Regram

A complete analogue of the previous application (the method of use and the interface are identical), but in Russian. Available for Android users. There is also its full analogue for use on iOS. In general, all these applications differ only in names.


The app is only available for Android users. It’s a little easier to use: instead of copying a link, you’ll just be sharing content through this app.

Please note that at the very beginning of the post, this application mentions the account from which you repost, and puts its tag at the very end of the post. It can be removed easily

Personally, I like the last app better, as it can also be used to repost stories.

Remember that without specifying the source, all “reposts” are just content theft, for which you can be punished. Respect the work of other users.

You can find out what else the social network can punish you for from our article “16 forbidden things on Instagram.”

Rather register in SMMplanner and try what is described in the article!

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