Instructions for using private messages in Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a popular social network with which you can not only publish videos, but also communicate with the audience through a messenger. This feature does not belong to the main functionality of the video community, so many do not know how to use it correctly.

In today’s article, you will get step-by-step instructions on where to find your inbox, how to set up and send messages. We will also consider the option of promoting in TikTok using the built-in messenger.

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How to activate messages in TikTok

By default, messages can be sent exclusively to your subscribers – this is done specifically to combat spam. To start a chat with another person, you must subscribe to each other. In addition, your profile must be open.

Want to allow the app to accept messages from all users? Then go to the settings and click on the item “Privacy”.

Choose the option that suits you in the “Who can send you private messages” tab (everyone / friends / nobody).

How to enable messages in TikTok

Please note: setting these parameters affects only incoming messages. The ability to send your message to a stranger depends on their privacy settings.

How to find messages

To get to messages, open “Inbox”. This shows all the activity associated with your profile.

Where are the messages in TikTok

To go to the built-in messenger, you need to click on the icon with the plane, as in Instagram Direct.

Where are the messages in TikTok

You can customize the dialogs as you like. For example, pin the dialog from above, delete it, turn off notifications, and also block the interlocutor. You just need to hold down the messages and select the desired action in the menu that appears.

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How to send a message to TikTok

There are several ways to send a message to a user.

  1. Open the correspondence and find the required dialogue manually.
  2. Click on “+” and find a user by nickname.
  3. Open a Tiktoker account and select “Message”.

For correspondence, you can use the following options:

How to send messages to TikTok

  • GIF… GIFs are loaded from a free service. When you click on the icon, the most popular animation is displayed, and you can also use the search.
  • Emoji… Click on the smiley icon to add emojis and thus create the desired accents.

Emoji in TikTok messages

  • Actions… You can delete a sent message, or copy or forward to another person. Reposts to private messages are provided. You can also like the message by double clicking on it.

You cannot send active links to messages, which is a serious drawback for many. But you can invite the user in private messages to follow the link in the header of your profile. Or send unclickable links, but in such cases the conversion will be lower.

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Promotion in Tik Tok via auto-mailing

Sending messages is an effective method of promotion on this social network. It allows you to attract the attention of the audience and increase its activity.

For maximum profit, you need to collect a base of potential customers and prepare a concise but informative text. We recommend that you address each user by name and dilute messages with emoji / stickers.

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An important advantage of this promotion is the high probability that your message will be noticed. TikTok gets a personal message less often than Instagram. This means that such notifications are often paid attention to. On the other hand, creating a high-quality auto-link requires more effort than mass following and mass liking.

In any case, to optimize working time and save time, we recommend using the ToTop Tool. This comprehensive tool with many features and settings will help you quickly become popular in the video community.

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