Life hacks from TikTok for shooting videos – 10 tricks for cool videos

Fancy videos make it easy to go into recommendations. They gain a lot of views and likes, attract new subscribers.

You can become popular at Tik Tok by embodying your ideas or modifying others. Borrowing and adapting an idea is an easier and less time-consuming option.

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In today’s article, you will get a lot of life hacks for shooting videos on TikTok with examples and descriptions.

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10 cool life hacks for videos in Tik-Tok

Consider interesting life hacks for creating Tik-Tok videos at home and on the street that will attract the attention of viewers.

Man crushed by boot

In the background, a girl runs and falls screaming in the center of the frame. The videographer in the foreground, directly above her, lowers the boot. Shooting is paused.

The next frame – the operator starts the timer and puts the slime on the floor, and then lowers the boot on it.

As a result, when gluing together, it turns out that the girl is crushed by a huge boot.

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Flying flowers

To implement the idea, only flowers and an umbrella are needed.

Flowers are placed in an inverted umbrella. After that, you need to slowly raise the umbrella over your head – and the flowers will beautifully fly down. The best way to do this is Slow-Mo.

Dynamic food shooting

The next life hack for a spectacular hamburger shoot. You will need a camera, stand, knife, sauce and the hamburger itself.

First, the camera zooms in on the packaged product, which the guy takes in his hand. The hamburger is placed in the center of the stand, while the camera slowly circles around it.

The guy takes off and tosses up the hamburger wrapper. The camera zooms back as the TikToker cuts the hamburger in half. The camera moves in a straight line from the handle of the knife to the sliced ​​hamburger, showing the product in close-up. Pour the sauce on top. The camera circles the stand again. The video ends with a broad shot of the hamburger as it slowly approaches the subject.

Through the grass

Idea for atmospheric landscape photography.

The girl lowers her phone camera between the grass and shoots a video, walking in a straight line. This video looks especially interesting with acceleration and deceleration.

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Stylish dressing up

Life hack for the popular TikTok effect with a mirror. For implementation, you need a large mirror, a basket and a pillow so as not to break the phone while shooting.

In the slow-mo mode, we throw the phone on the pillow, shooting in different ways. Trim clips in the editor. The second video must be reversed, mirrored and flipped.

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Underwater photography

To shoot this type of video, you need a phone with a camera and a transparent jar or container.

You should put the phone in the container halfway and lower it into the river so that there is a boundary between water and air. In this case, the lower part of the can and the upper part of the phone must be held with your hands for insurance.

Such shooting looks most attractive on a lake with clear water, a rocky shore and a grove on the shore.

Focus with video editing

To implement this idea, you need a wooden frame and a video editor. For example, Videoleap or VivaCut.

Remove, as you move the frame along the hand and separately the background.

Add a background in the video editor and apply a layer mask. Move it in keyframes from top to bottom – and you get the desired effect.

Flower in water

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Place the phone on a table with the camera facing up and place a transparent glass filled with water on the camera. Throw the flower carefully into the water, twirl it, holding the tail. Remove from glass.

It is best to shoot such a video in slow motion or apply the Slow-Mo effect during editing. The result is a beautiful, sticky video with viral potential.

Catching an unusual angle

For such a life hack, you only need a phone and strong tape. Thus, the phone with the camera turned on can be attached to the door or inside the refrigerator (to any product).

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Start shooting. Close the refrigerator door, and then open it and portray the emotions you want for the clip. For example, surprise, joy, or disgust.

Turning flowers into coffee

Life hack – transformation magic with a video editor. This can be done in Viva Cut and Videoleap applications.

Upload two videos to the editor of your choice: in one, pour coffee into a glass, and in the second, pour flowers. Use a mixer to move the second fragment to the top. Add a line mask and use the rhombus keys to make it move.

A little secret: so that a strip does not appear at the junction of two videos, blur the edges. To do this, drag the arrows near the line.


Apply the listed life hacks from Tik-Tok to diversify your content and keep the attention of your subscribers. The implementation of non-standard ideas will make your videos bright, memorable – they will have every chance of getting into the recommended one.

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