Links in Instagram stories will be available to all accounts


A long-awaited update – Instagram announced that links in Instagram Stories are now available to all users, not just those with 10,000 followers or verified accounts.

When the social network first launched links in Stories, the feature was limited and only available to verified accounts and users with a certain number of followers. Now, all users, regardless of the number of followers, will be able to publish links in the stories.

As you can see in the screenshot below, users will have access to a link sticker for stories, which Instagram introduced back in August, instead of the usual swipe link.

On the one hand, sticker links looked unfamiliar at first, but on the other hand, it gives more options for link design in stories.

That said, new accounts, as well as accounts that have repeatedly violated the social network’s Rules, will not get access to the link sticker. Details of what counts as a new account in this context are not disclosed.

Instagram also notes that it is still working on the link sticker, and a preview and a number of other settings will soon be available for links.

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