Links to hashtags and users in the Instagram profile description

On March 21, 2018, in the blog of the social network, a publication appeared that in the profile description on Instagram you can now add active hashtags (they will be active) and links to the accounts of other users.

How to add an active hashtag or link to another Instagram account?

To make a hashtag active and clickable in your profile, you just need to put an icon in front of the desired word “#”… This makes the newly introduced function more meaningful. hashtag subscriptions… You can put the most important publications about the company under one hashtag and motivate users to subscribe to it.

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As for the active link to another user, here we use the icon “@” and then write the nickname of the account that we want to link to. After adding such a link to the profile, the account owner whom we mentioned will receive a notification and will be able to prohibit the link to himself – in this case, it will become inactive.

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Thanks to links to other profiles, with many different directions divided by accounts, it will be easier to link to the main one.

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