Live broadcast formats and secrets of effective broadcasting on TikTok

Live streaming is an effective way to promote your TikTok account. They provide an opportunity to attract the attention of a new audience, increase the activity and trust of existing subscribers. Product reviews are often conducted on live broadcasts, thereby increasing business profits. In addition, live videos can be monetized by receiving donations.

In today’s article, you will find out what topics of live broadcasts are now coming into TikTok. Get expert advice on the preparation and promotion of this format.

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Features of live broadcasts on Tik Tok

Live streaming is a video format that is broadcast in real time. On TikTok, it can be held by account holders with a subscriber base of thousands of people.

Broadcasts are popular because users are interested in live emotions. In addition, many people prefer to be among the first to receive interesting / useful information.

Benefits of Live Streaming:

  • increasing audience loyalty;
  • getting feedback;
  • the ability to diversify content;
  • attracting new subscribers;
  • potential sales growth.

This format is relevant in the era of attention deficit due to the loss of profit syndrome. Viewers are afraid to miss something important that might prove valuable.

In terms of the technical benefits of live streaming, it should be noted that your subscribers will receive a notification when the live broadcast begins. Such a mention will increase the chances of collecting the maximum number of viewers.

Another new feature of TikTok is the broadcast calendar listing the main broadcasts of the week. You can promote the future event for free if administrators consider it worthy of attention to a wide audience.

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To do this, go to “Interesting” and click on the banner “Live Calendar”. You will be taken to the TikTokLIVE section.

Scroll to the bottom and click on the “I want to get into the calendar!” Field.

TikTok broadcast calendar

Next, fill in all the fields of the application by answering the questions:

  • Your nickname.
  • Air date.
  • Subject.
  • Content.
  • How to contact you?
  • Your room number is.
  • Will this be your first broadcast?

TikTok broadcast calendar

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Ideas for live broadcasts

Have you already gained a thousand subscribers on TikTok and realized that you want to use the live format for promotion? Pay attention to popular types of broadcasts.

  • Game stream… A great topic for a young TikTok audience, especially if your profile is somehow related to games / entertainment.

Game stream live on TikTok

  • Review / presentation… You can demonstrate the unpacking of parcels, make reviews of other people’s and their own goods. Demonstrate how the product works and mark its pros, handle objections. Alternatively, announce the release of a new line and offer viewers a discount or bonus when ordering a product.
  • Interview… Invite industry experts, celebrities, and influencers. The main thing is that the personality is interesting to your target audience.
  • Answers on questions… Select the topic of the live broadcast in advance and ask subscribers to send their questions in messages or leave them in the comments. Stimulate activity. For example, hold a prize drawing among the active participants of the broadcast.
  • Educational videos… This category includes various life hacks, seminars and master classes. This format is often used in info-business: Tiktoker conducts a free lesson, where he announces paid training.
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Master class live on TikTok

  • Experiment… Host a competition or experiment, such as testing a product for strength. You can refute common myths live.
  • Drawing… Choosing the winner of the draw on the air using a randomizer will increase the trust of subscribers. In this case, no one will doubt your honesty.
  • Quiz… Ask viewers questions related to your brand or niche. Please with a valuable gift the one who answers most of the questions correctly.
  • Backstage… Show the audience the office / production site. You can also demonstrate what usually remains behind the scenes: design development, photo processing, etc.

Live on TikTok backstage

  • Report from the scene… It can be a party, exhibition, championship, concert or rally. But it is important that the event meets the interests of your target audience.

Joint broadcasts are also popular on TikTok. You can interview the second participant, arrange a battle, or just chat with him on various topics.

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Live Streaming Tips

To make the most of your live stream, consider the advice of SMM specialists.

  • First of all, decide on the purpose of the live broadcast. What do you want to achieve: increase the number of subscribers, emphasize your expertise, achieve sales growth? Build on this when choosing a topic / format and further analyzing the effectiveness of the event.
  • Preparation is essential. It’s about choosing the background and lighting. In addition, you need to write a detailed script and draw up an approximate timing plan. Prepare props: product samples, posters with graphics, a flag with a brand logo.
  • Announce live broadcast in advance. For example, a week before the date, then remind about a future broadcast a day or two. You can also post announcements on other social networks where you have a large subscriber base.
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Live broadcast on Tik Tok

  • Choose the optimal time when it will be convenient for your target audience to join the live broadcast. Focus on TikTok statistics, in addition, you can conduct a survey.
  • Motivate your audience to visit your live broadcast with bonuses, discounts, prizes. If possible, order ads from bloggers or launch a TikTok Ads campaign.

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Live broadcast on TikTok is an up-to-date promotion method with which you can attract the attention of the audience, build a dialogue with it, and advertise a product or service. For maximum efficiency, it is important to determine the purpose of the event, choose the right format and write a script.

We recommend that you regularly conduct live broadcasts of different formats and track their performance. This will help you to correctly adjust your strategy and achieve maximum profit.

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