Live photos on Instagram

Today we will talk about how to create unusual and original content for Instagram, namely live photos on Instagram (cinematography). In this article, we will go over all the intricacies of creating these unusual images.

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Live photography on Instagram

At the moment, there are 3 ways to create such photos. Two of them are characterized by simplicity, and one appears to be quite complex.

The easiest way is available only for device owners on iOS and macOS… They need to install the program Flixel… Probably there are analogs for Android, but we could not find a program with decent software. This program allows you to capture a short video and paint over the area that will remain mobile. Everything else will remain static. In the same program, you can use all sorts of filters, experiment with brightness and other parameters.


Create a live photo in Photoshop

A more time-consuming option, but quite simple – the use of well-known Photoshop. For this method, one of the decisive factors is the quality of the video, as well as that when shooting the video, the camera is well fixed. It is best to use a tripod, but you can do without one.

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We carry out all the work on creating a live photo in Photoshop. The video can be trimmed with a separate software or during import.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We load the video into the program. To do this, follow the following chain: “File” – “Import”. Then he selects “Video frames to layers”, after which we find the required video. Each file will appear as a separate layer.
  2. Select those frames that are static, and combine the rest using the Ctrl + G hot keys. Next, click on “Layers” – “Layer Mask” and “Hide All”.
  3. On the static first layer, paint over the area that you want to keep moving with white.
  4. The animation section should open, otherwise you will have to open it yourself. This can be done as follows: open the window, then on the workspace, click the animation parameter. Frames of the future live photo are displayed here. Most of the frames have a transparent background, which can be removed by selecting the first one and unifying the visibility. A new dialog box will appear where you need to select the synchronization item.

Now the video is almost complete. Next, you need to loop the final video, for which all frames are copied using the drop-down menu. In the same menu, select the parameter “Insert frames” – “Glue after the selected area.” Leaving the selection of frames, you must select the reverse order.

Now your live photo is ready!


When creating your first live photo, we recommend choosing the most simple video, in which there are no people and other complex objects. This will allow you to first understand the basic principles of creating cinematography and only then proceed to solving specific problems.

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Why is cinematography needed?

The question is brewing, why do we need live photos in our profile, if you can place a regular photo or use the “Boomerang” option. The bottom line is that live photography attracts people’s eyes more than a regular photo.

Unusual photo for Instagram

Cinemagraphy is a kind of continuation of photography, where the snapshot reflects the action. This is a unique opportunity to add movement to a static photo. For example, a seller of a dress will present her product more profitably if the girl in it will not just stand, but move slightly. At the same time, the dress will develop in the wind. Cinematography is an opportunity to create a unique and beautiful photo.

Why is this option in demand now? Yes, there are GIFs on many social networks, but when it comes to high-quality GIFs, they weigh too much, are characterized by technical limitations and may not be present in all social networks. We believe this area has potential.


In Instagram, the presented direction is not yet so developed, so you have a unique opportunity to surprise your audience. It will take about 10 minutes to create such a masterpiece, and in the future, when you get the hang of it, generally a couple of minutes. Try experimenting. Each audience wants to see something new, and live photos on Instagram with which you fill your profile are a great option for attracting new subscribers and keeping regular ones active.

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