Live streams on Instagram can now be watched from a computer

After deploying private messaging to desktop PCs, Instagram gives users the ability to watch live broadcasts on computers. Also, streaming to PC has a more user-friendly interface and URLs.

It will be possible to watch the broadcast from the computer in the window above the main page. The live streaming window is split into two halves – video on the right, comments on the left. Although the full screen mode is not available, viewing from a PC is more convenient, since the commentary that appears over the video does not interfere with the view.

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In addition, another important element was added – a separate URL for live streaming. This means that when you start a live stream, you can post a link to it on other social networks. This was not possible before.

If the user went live, you can watch it by following links of the form:

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Since most people have to stay at home now, many more users are watching video content on their desktops, which is why Instagram has expanded the way to watch live broadcasts.

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It is not yet possible to launch a live stream on Instagram from a computer.

Previously, Instagram launched a new sticker “#IStayHomeFor”.

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