Manager of a blogger – who is he or she and what does he or she do?


To develop a blog, you need to create content, work on promotion, and look for opportunities for advertising integrations. It is difficult to combine all this. That’s why bloggers need specialists who will take care of communicating with brand representatives and help monetize the account. But finding advertisers is not all a blogger manager does.

We tell you what a manager’s responsibilities are and how to master the profession.

What a blogger manager does

With the development of blogging came influence-marketing – the promotion of products, services and brands with the help of Influencers (opinion leaders).

Each blogger is an opinion leader for his audience – subscribers trust his recommendations. Therefore, brands are interested in advertising on the pages of Influencers.

In order to concentrate on creativity and not be distracted by routine work, bloggers hire managers. In each case, the set of responsibilities is individual. Blogger managers are usually responsible for communications with the audience and potential advertisers, can act as a personal assistant and secretary. In rare cases, they may also handle promotion. Simply put, a blogger’s manager is his or her official representative.

What a blogger’s manager does:

  • Attracts advertisers. Monetize the promoted blog allows advertising contracts. The manager communicates with potential customers: offers advertising placement to brands and marketing agencies, responds to incoming offers.
  • Communicates with subscribers. Popular bloggers can’t respond to a huge number of posts and comments from subscribers on their own. The manager helps maintain communication with the audience.
  • Participates in building a personal brand. The manager works not only to promote the page in the social network, but also on the recognition of the Influencer. Helps maintain his reputation among his target audience.
  • Organizes the workflow. The blogger’s manager solves organizational issues: booking tickets and hotels, making appointments, keeping initial documentation.
  • The competencies of a blogger manager are at the intersection of marketing, PR, sales and analytics. To develop successfully in the profession, you will need knowledge and skills from different areas.
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What a blogger manager should know and be able to do

Multitasking woman holds a calculator, magnifying glass, pie chart and analytical report. Flat line vector illustration on white.
  • Think strategically – set clear, measurable goals and think through a plan to achieve them;
  • negotiate – get advertisers interested and sign contracts on favorable terms;
  • respond to trends – develop a keen eye, study the interests of your audience, and choose relevant formats of advertising content;
  • understand SMM – understand how promotion in social networks works;
  • analyze statistics – to monitor the activity of the audience and the effectiveness of advertising publications;
  • work in photo and video editors – a manager usually does not participate in the creation of the main content of a blog, but can make layouts for advertising integrations.

How to become a blogger’s manager

Entering the profession will be easier for those who are already working in PR, marketing or SMM. Others will have to learn a lot from scratch and spend more time on training.

You can study on educational online platforms or on author’s programs from independent experts.

After training, it is necessary to take an internship. Many educational platforms offer employment assistance and programs for interns after graduation.

You can find an internship on your own: send resumes to agencies, search on specialized sites, or offer your services to bloggers you know.

During your internship you will get your first cases, and you can start building your portfolio. At the beginning make a little self-presentation. Next, tell where you interned, what tasks you performed and what results you achieved.

How to find a job as a blogger manager

  • Send out a portfolio to opinion leaders – start with micro-influencers. Make a selection of accounts with roughly 2,000 to 50,000 subscribers and send out portfolios. Make sure you write a cover letter: why you want to work with the blogger and how you can make a difference.
  • Subscribe to Telegram Channels for Freelancers – find groups where vacancies are posted to work remotely.
  • Monitor job sites – bloggers rarely use such resources, but don’t discount them completely.
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A blogger manager is a personal assistant to an opinion leader. He takes care of communication with the audience and advertisers, solves organizational issues, deals with documents. The manager’s main task is to take the routine work off the blogger so that the Influencer can concentrate on creativity.

Finding advertisers is one of the manager’s main tasks. The native integration exchange will help you save time and create a steady stream of orders for advertising publications. Just add your Instagram account to the open catalog, publish integrations and earn income.

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