Marketplace manager profession: responsibilities, skills


Marketplace manager is one of the most relevant professions of our time. It owes its popularity to the growth and development of marketplaces over the past few years.

In this article, we will consider what knowledge and skills a marketplace manager should have, what is included in the range of his duties and how this specialty can be mastered.

Marketplace manager – what kind of specialist is this and what does he do?

Marketplace manager – this is a specialist responsible for organizing effective trade in the online marketplace. His ultimate goal is to increase the company’s profits by increasing sales.

  • The manager analyzes the activities of competitors, monitors market trends, creates a strategy for attracting customers, launches advertising campaigns, and negotiates with suppliers.
  • Communicates with web designers, SEO and other specialists, takes part in joint developments.


The full range of responsibilities of the manager depends on the platform on which he works, the size of the business, its focus, the popularity of the promoted brand and many other factors.

Duties and Requirements

A marketplace manager has to do a lot of multidirectional work, so he must have the skills of a content and brand manager, a marketer, an analyst and a salesperson at the same time.

What are the responsibilities of a marketplace manager?


  • Analyzing internal processes, niche features and competitor advantages.
  • SEO promotion of products – the formation of a semantic core, query clustering, taking into account the peculiarities of marketplace SEO.
  • The design of product cards, taking into account SEO requirements and consumer appeal.
  • Tracking trends on the market, making timely corrections after changes.
  • Work with assortment matrix, systematization of available positions.
  • Participation in pricing, calculation of favorable prices for goods.
  • Management of logistics, drawing up a plan for the supply, taking into account the timing of production of goods, turnaround time, the size of the allocated budget, geographic nuances, and other factors.
  • Handling of documentation – permits, letters, certificates, etc.
  • Launching advertising campaigns and much more.
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The manager must observe the situation on the market and immediately respond to the innovations that have occurred, to optimize work with the changes that have occurred.

What should a marketplace manager be able to do to fulfill his tasks?

  • Work with large amounts of information;
  • Build infographics.
  • Use advertising tools.
  • Do mathematical and statistical calculations.
  • Negotiate with suppliers.
  • Identify basic products, which provide the bulk of profits, related products, which increase the average check, and alternative products, as substitutes for the basic positions.
  • Ability to work with numbers is one of the main requirements for the specialist, because erroneous calculations can be not just useless, but can cause significant damage to the company.
  • Skills in working with the assortment matrix are also of no small importance, so that instead of selling the goods they have to keep in storage and incur losses.


It will be a plus if the manager understands the legal basis of electronic commerce and is able, in the event of a dispute, to assist the supplier in defending his interests.

What personal qualities should a marketplace manager have?

  • An analytical mindset;
  • The ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand;
  • determination;
  • resistance to stress;
  • discipline;
  • trainability, ability to assimilate new information.
  • A manager must be able to work simultaneously on solving several tasks, to distinguish between primary and secondary tasks, and correctly prioritize them. He must always be in touch and ready to get involved in the work.


The full list of duties and requirements is determined by the employer, taking into account the characteristics of the company and the specifics of the goods sold.

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Can I learn to be a marketplace manager myself?

The fastest and easiest way to master the profession of “marketplace manager” is to complete courses designed by practitioners.

An alternative way to master the profession is to study on your own. Sources of information can be used:

  • News portals and commercial online publications devoted to marketing, e-commerce, sales and promotion.
  • Specialized online conferences.
  • Video tutorials, books and other freely available training materials.

With self-study, you don’t have to pay for knowledge and adhere to certain frameworks like in courses. But there are pitfalls along the way:

  • Marketplaces evolve, the algorithms and principles of working with them change, so the information posted on them quickly becomes outdated. When choosing training materials, you need to make sure they are up to date at the moment.
  • Requires regularity and consistency in training, the material learned should be consolidated by practice. If you do not stick to a clear system, nothing to learn will not work.


Therefore, if possible, it is better to give preference to paid courses, which are taught by professionals. They will not only help you to master all the necessary knowledge and skills, but also then contribute to your employment.


Marketplaces continue to actively develop – their algorithms are improving, and more and more companies are giving preference to e-commerce. The number of online marketplaces is constantly increasing, and new Russian and foreign platforms are appearing. This means that the demand for managers working with marketplaces will grow, and those who have mastered this profession will never have problems with employment. When entering marketplaces, any company will be looking for a competent specialist capable of promoting the brand, finding new clients and increasing profits.

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