Mass following in 2020: is it working or not?

The article was prepared by the editorial staff of the Tooligram service.

What’s up with mass following? Some say he is dead, others are alive, healthy and promising. And if you are the third who have not even heard of this, then let’s go back a year ago, when mass following was possibly the most popular way to promote on Instagram.

Manual mass following – when in 2 hours of mechanical actions a day you attract up to 500 subscribers per month.

You massively like and subscribe to users who might be interested in your blog. They see reactions, out of curiosity, they visit your page. If your blog catches on, they stay. This method of attracting new subscribers is called manual mass following.

It takes time, but it’s free.

Services for automatic mass following and massliking

Enter competitors, hashtags or geotags by which to search for an audience – the service finds, likes and subscribes for you.

However, it is wrong to consider mass following as subscribers’ cheating. It is not bots that subscribe to your account, but real people who liked your account. There are also commercial accounts, but there are no more than 20% of them.

For 500 rubles a month, it is possible to attract up to 1000 subscribers. This is less than 1 p. per subscriber – several times cheaper than other promotion methods. For comparison: attracting one subscriber through advertising from bloggers costs from 5 rubles, and through official Instagram advertising from 10 rubles.

Cheap, convenient. And it worked until 2019.

Instagram does not make money from mass following: therefore, in August 2019, most of the accounts began to limit subscriptions and likes for several days.

Instagram is not a fool either. The social network has learned to recognize and stop automatic actions from the account. That is, to suppress the work of services for automatic mass following.

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It turned out that the client paid 500 rubles, and instead of the promised audience, he received a warning from Instagram and a request to change the password. According to the logic of Instagram, users should have invested money in the target, and not in third-party sites. And not 500 rubles, but at least 5000.

Mass following services were unstable and not on all accounts. They began to say that the mass following had died.

Don’t believe those who say mass following is dead until you check it out (or look at our experience).

We decided to check whether Russian-language mass following services remained on the market and how they feel. 7 sites were protested. Each site went to the manager of our technical support and he launched the service on his personal account.

During testing, we introduced 5 competitors with 10-15k subscribers. If possible, they bet 1 subscription, or 1 like per account.

The results of the benefit from the test period were tabulated.

More interesting data

  • When authorizing on Socialhammer, an error popped up. There was a recommendation that you need to delete and add your account again in 1-2 hours. After a few minutes, the error disappeared and the authorization went through the phone code.
  • Our tester tells about authorization on Instaplus:

“There was a problem that I solved with technical support for about 20 minutes. Authorization failed, gave an error:“ An error occurred while authenticating on Instagram.
To solve the problem, please contact our technical support. “

Technical support said that everything is ok and everything works. I checked after 10 hours, nothing worked, contacted support again. It turned out that it was impossible to use SMART tasks on the account from the very beginning. “

  • Tooligram 2.0 does a lot more action. They launched a new personal account, now setting up is much easier than in other services. On the third day, I had to confirm Instagram authorization with the SMS code.
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Conclusion: you should only use Tooligram 2.0 all the time;, Zeus and Zengram are slow and intermittent.

We learned more about the new Tooligram.


In May 2020, Tooligram developers launched a new version of the service – Tooligram 2.0. They completely changed its algorithm of work.

Tooligram 2.0 simulates human actions: watching the feed, taking breaks, like and subscribing. With small limits. Therefore, Instagram does not limit it.

He also searches for the audience by hashtags, geo and competitors. But he does not subscribe to everyone indiscriminately, but only to an active audience – the one that liked or commented on the post.

It also tracks reciprocal likes and subscriptions: the service automatically sends a message with a discount to these users. On the sales side, this is smart, because posts are not seen and read by everyone, and a private message will definitely open.

The formula for low-budget Instagram sales = mass following + engagement.

Mass following makes sense when the profile is completed. From the profile header it is immediately clear who you are and what you are selling, posts are published regularly (at least 2 times a week), you write something useful and comment on it.

Comments and likes from people can be ordered here.


Not all people on Instagram are talkative. It’s a normal practice when you ask your colleagues to comment on a post first. The main thing is to comment with full sentences, and not silly phrases or emojis, as in activity chats.

Via Tooligram 2.0. you can order likes and comments from people who are tightly controlled. We checked: real users comment on the topic of the post. You can choose the format of the comment: feedback, opinion, question.

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Tooligram gives 3 comments and 15 likes to everyone who signs up.

– Something else? – Tell us about the action


You can send advertising mailings for open dialogues. Moreover, there are no limits. We managed to send 650 messages in a few hours. Ideal for promotions and contests. Write the text of the message and press 1 button. And you don’t have to manually send everyone a message.

Gift for SMMplanner readers

Mass following is the cheapest and most effective way to promote. Test your new mass following with Tooligram 2.0 and see for yourself.

We have a link, using it you can attract 100 people for free, and not 25 like everyone else. This is a bonus for our blog readers.

Try it for free

Authors: editorial staff of Tooligram service.

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