Mass following opportunities to promote Instagram in 2021

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Instagram promotion in 2020. How it has changed

Mass following is one of the types of automatic promotion on Instagram. The bottom line is to subscribe to people in the hope that they will subscribe in return.

If you have interesting content and the audience for the subscription is correctly selected, then the conversion to subscription can be up to 20%. For example, you have a fashion blog. If you subscribe to 1000 active subscribers of another fashion blog, then you can get from 10 to 200 subscribers per day (conversion from 1 to 20%) – it depends on the quality of the content.

With the help of mass following it is easy to grow your account on 1000-2000 subscribers per month

But Instagram doesn’t like automatic mass fall.

Periodically, Instagram rolls out updates and algorithms that block some actions from 1 to 7 days for mass following accounts. The last such big update was in June 2020. Most of the services were forced to lower the limits, and mass following from a simple activity became the lot of the pros who selected proxies and used their own techniques.

This meant that you could no longer make 300-500 subscriptions a day, and 50-100 subscriptions a day did not give the desired increase.

What will happen to the promotion on Instagram in 2021

And now the sweet thing – Instaplus (No. 1 automation service in the CIS) has launched an application that can make 500 subscriptions a day right now without blocks

They named him Jesica.

This is an application that proves with a living example that mass following, massliking and generally the automation of Instagram promotion works. We got off the ground and now we can again make 500 subscriptions and 1000 likes a day.

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With this Jesica works:

  1. No blocks
  2. Without entering a password. No need to give a password or connect an account to the service.
  3. Likes, subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

How Jesica works

The point is that Jesica is an application that you install on your phone and it completely simulates real work.

There is literally your phone and likes and subscriptions are placed on it.

Jesica is now able to like, subscribe and unsubscribe.

This principle of operation makes automatic promotion safe:

  1. You don’t need to enter a password in Instaplus. The main thing is that your account is on the phone.
  2. There are practically no blocks – as if you are doing everything by hand.

The principle of operation is very similar to the standard automatic mass following:

  1. In Instaplus, you define who to add to the list. It can be:
  • accounts posted with a hashtag,
  • accounts that have been tagged in a specific location,
  • subscribers, subscriptions, like or commenting on certain accounts.
  1. Instaplus collects a list of such accounts for you and creates a list for Jesica
  2. On the phone, select an action (like, subscribe or unsubscribe) and a list.

Everything, then Jesica herself.

What mass following gives right now

As always, mass following gives you followers and reach.

If the conversion is stable, it is critical to add as many subscriptions as possible.
For example, you have a conversion rate of 5%. It’s not bad, but not cool either – close to average.

With such a conversion, if you add 100 subscriptions a day, you will get 5 subscribers. And if there are 500 subscriptions – 25. If you use an automation service, then this is the same amount of work.

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But what if the conversion rises? From 5 to 10%. Then 5 → 10, and 25 → 50.

It is logical that most are not ready to search for better sources and experiment with filters for the sake of 5 additional subscribers. But for the sake of 25 extra – you can spend half an hour of your time 🙂

But don’t forget about mass-liking

You don’t need just followers, but active followers – Instagram’s algorithms show only interesting posts to your followers in the feed. For example, a customer account with 72k subscribers:

Average reach is 45 thousand, where 7% of likes are not from subscribers. And it’s not because the content is bad or the account. Instagram simply didn’t show posts in the feed – someone just didn’t go in time, someone has too many followers, someone just decided not to show it because they don’t like it.

Your task is to increase the activity (likes and comments) on posts.

We do this using massliking and content.

How to increase activity by massliking? You can add more likes per day than followings. This means that you will cover more accounts. According to our statistics, conversion to profile transition is about 30% – after a like, almost every third person will go to see who has liked him / her and will see your content.

How to increase engagement with content? Ask a question in the post to get comments. “If too … then like it.” Promise to continue the topic if the post gets the number of likes. If you encourage people to like and comment, then they do it.

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To summarize:

  1. Alternate Mass Following and Mass Liking
  2. Subscribe to active followers of competitors
  3. Be sure to track conversion from subscriptions
  4. Post regularly and watch the reaction of subscribers
  5. Like your followers to increase their activity
  6. Engage followers – ask them to like and comment.

Instagram promotion limits with Jesica

Jesica has limits and restrictions.

Limits are how much Jesica can do before Instagram reacts to it.

Unlike services, Jesica performs actions for you from your phone, that is, completely repeats the actions of a person. Therefore, the blocks are smaller and softer, as if you were making it by hand.

Safe now:

  • 1000 likes per day
  • 500 subscriptions per day
  • 500 unsubscriptions per day

All this has been tested by thousands of users.

Although we traditionally recommend the ladder:

  • 1 day – 100 subscriptions
  • 2-3 days – 200 subscriptions
  • 4-6 days – 300 subscriptions
  • 7-9 days – 400 subscriptions
  • 10 day – 500 subscriptions

Likewise for likes – start with 300 and in 10 days bring it to 1000.

The app itself has limitations – Android 6.0 or higher, or a computer with Bluestack or other emulator.

How to try Jesica for free

You need to register with and you will receive a 5 days trial period.

Get 5 days of promotion for free

Bonus from SMMplanner: Register using the link above and immediately after registration you will receive a promotional code for a 20% discount on payment for any package.

If you are already an Instaplus client (and this is possible, since is the most popular promotion automation service in the CIS), then go to your account and write in the chat that you want to try Jesica.

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