Masslooking: what is it, how to set it up. Limits on viewing stories on Instagram

At some point, every second used masslooking! From a plus size clothing store to popular bloggers like Dava or Karina Cross. Services that offered a million views of stories per day and demanded for a subscription from 3000 rubles per week were climbed from everywhere!

Then everything faded a little. Someone scolded the massive viewing of stories, someone praised it, and someone continued to work. Because masslooking, as a tool for attracting a target audience, is alive! More than alive. We will talk about this in our article.

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What is masslooking and what is it for

To avoid confusion, let’s define the terms. Masslooking is the mass viewing of Stories on Instagram. To start masslooking, you need to connect a third-party service that, on behalf of your account, will view the story of a given audience.

Why is this necessary? Let’s take mass following for comparison. Massfollowing gives us subscriptions. The person in the feed sees your subscription and can subscribe right there in response. Or go to your profile and subscribe there. That is, the simplest action a person can do is subscribe.

In masslooking, a person must go into their own history. Time. Click on views. Two. See your account (he has hundreds, if not thousands of accounts there). Three. Click on your profile. Four. Subscribe or go to the site. Five.

The more actions, the more difficult people do them. Therefore, it is wrong to require subscriptions from masslooking. It primarily drives traffic to the profile. Profile traffic is an increase in coverage. Reach is about improving the ranking of posts, the more chance your posts will be seen.

In addition, since masslooking appeared quite recently, Instagram does not yet know how to deal with them and therefore there are no limits on it… This means that the probability of getting a temporary or permanent account blocking tends to zero.

How to set up mass viewing of Instagram Stories

For example, take service and we will figure out how to start masslooking in it. The service has a trial period of 3 days. This is enough to make a test run of viewing stories.

Step 1… Add an account. To do this, specify the username and password.

Step 2… We click “Create task”.

How to start masslooking

Step 3… Select the account for promotion and the action type “View stories”.

Connecting the Story Viewer

The audience

Step 4… Selecting an audience source. Instaplus has 4 audience sources to choose from: geolocation, hashtags, user (competitor) audience, and custom list (pre-assembled audience). We take the audience by geolocation. To do this, simply drive in the name of a city or place, and then select suitable locations on the map.

Gathering an audience for masslooking

When choosing hashtags or user audience as a source, you just need to add them in a list.

In general, gathering an audience for masslooking is a rather difficult task. You need to recruit millions of accounts. And it’s hard. Because there are not so many competitors (unless your competitor is someone from the Kardashians). And still not all accounts post stories … Therefore, here you need to work on coverage and not forget about loyalty. View your followers’ stories.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of a shortage of audience. Even if you have a niche public or a small company, you can collect the entire audience of your locality and constantly drive away her through masslooking.

Step 5… The number of users whose stories you want to view. Feel free to put 100,000 and uncheck the box “Skip users whose stories have already been watched”, otherwise our source of audience will run out very quickly.

Masslooking limits in 2019


Step 6… Filters. For masslooking, it is important to cover as much as possible. There are no limits and no filters are needed. In fact, the very existence of history is already acting as a kind of activity filter. After all, if a person posted a story, then at least 24 hours ago he was active.

If you have a very large audience, then you can try excluding commercial accounts, an account without an avatar, and foreigners. For a small audience, it is better to choose “No filter”.

Audience filter

Step 7… Task timer. Here you can set the timer for the task, start and stop times. And also select the type of task stop: “By time” or “By quantity”.

Masslooking stories - what it is and how it works

Finally, click “Queue” at the bottom of the screen to start the bulk view of stories.

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Masslooking Tips

In conclusion, we offer some tips to help make massage even more effective.

  1. Run your account subscriber stories view regularly. This will increase loyalty, remind you of yourself and increase your reach.
  2. Run masslooking to the same audience several times. First, not all Stories are posted every day and someone will drop out. Secondly, if you are constantly seen among the viewers of your stories, then the chance of switching to the page is higher.
  3. Try to put a brighter avatar in your profile, add a more interesting description and see how the result changes.
  4. Run masslooking every day. There are no limits on it and you need to use it full time.

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