Memes from Tik Tok in 2021: postcards, drawings for friends and sketches

Memes about TikTok are not just funny pictures, but videos, images and fragments with entertaining stories. The ideas of the authors are limitless and free. When creating such clips in 2021, popular themes are used. Often these are pranks, transformations into cartoon characters, various challenges.

In world culture, memes mean funny pictures with interesting inscriptions. They are actively used to express emotions. They have long replaced the standard emoticons and emojis. Memes quickly disappear, being replaced by new ideas and jokes. On the Tik Tok platform, the main content is video clips. Therefore, here memes are placed in the videos.

When did the Tik Tok memes appear?

Entertainment videos about Tik Tok appeared relatively recently. Since mid-2018, memes have been uploaded to Runet. Within a month, they have become very popular. Many bloggers started copying the idea. To create them, intrusive advertising was used, which always hindered users. In their videos, people ridiculed the owners of other accounts, which led to many problems. They filmed funny and spiteful issues, which were not always adequately perceived by those to whom they are dedicated.

Popular and funny memes in 2021

Memes from Tik Tok can be found on any platform. Most of them are on the platform of the same name, as well as on YouTube. See the list of popular and funny memes below.

  1. Videos with the computer hero sonic tik tok
  2. Sketches dedicated to the Kamenskys’ song “Popa like Kim”.booty like kim
  3. Memes with heroes of famous Marvel comics.the meme about marvel tick tock
  4. Cool clips from all over the world.
  5. Clips with fragments of the popular GTA race.
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Bloggers make clippings from the plots of world famous games. Everyone loves Marvel characters, which is why such videos are most appreciated. People always like to see interesting places. Therefore, if you travel often, shoot such videos. And Sonic is the hero of the famous game, which the developers made animated. Such actions were received negatively by fans.

In addition to the main themes, tiktorkers love memes with images:

  • Damon Salvator;
  • with birds;
  • stinka monkey;
  • Morgenstern;
  • frightening pictures.

Damon Salvatore is the protagonist of the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries, which girls love. Morgenstern is a popular Russian blogger who often amazes with his appearance and motivates him to create new memes. Stinky the monkey is a huge orangutan with a surprised open mouth. It is used as a good demonstration of something terrible and unpleasant to the appropriate music.

To understand the successful use of memes, look at the accounts of popular bloggers.

Postcards with memes from Tik Tok

You should look for postcards directly on the platform. Everyone can find the right option for themselves. Use hashtags to search. They help you find the content you want in a couple of minutes. Also use Google search. A lot of information is freely available. The developers suggest using New Year’s cards to congratulate subscribers on the coming Year of the Rat.

It is recommended that when creating memes, focus on the season. For example, in October, pictures about Halloween and changeable weather were popular.

Parrot with a pistol meme drawing from Tik Tok

parrot with a gun

A funny bird with a weapon has long occupied a leading position in the vastness of Tik Tok. Each blogger writes his own inscription, filling the meme with a certain meaning, motivates the rest to download too.

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Memes from Tik Tok for sketching

There is also a video for sketching on the Internet. They are easy to find by request in google search. Pencil drawings are often used as a gift for girlfriend and friends. Can be copied from a photograph.

tik tok memes for sketching 1

tik tok memes for sketching 2tik tok memes for sketching 3tik tok memes for sketching 4tik tok memes for sketching 5

How to use for promotion?

tiktok meme cards

Hilarious memes cheer up the audience. Viewers actively like and comment on them. Sign all posts with hashtags. Share links on other social networks. It’s important to be active all the time! Use popular themes – drawn cute animals, images of popular personalities.


When creating such content, use trending transitions, effects and filters. This helps to diversify the video and make it recognizable. Use different terrain. Videos in the same place get bored over time. Introduce other people, record clips in a duet with friends.


tik tok memes for friends

Generate ideas yourself. Get inspired by the work of other users. Feel free to experiment. The social network loves active and committed guys. Find top ideas in the Popular section. Here are the best videos of users.


Many users make substandard memes. Because of this, it does not come out to get likes and comments. The main mistake is poorly designed videos. We recommend that you write a short script. This makes it easier to record the clip the first time.

You can download memes on Android and iPhone.

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