Messages in the VKontakte group: how to enable, how to make a newsletter, set up a widget and a greeting

Messages in the VKontakte group were launched back in 2018. Now this is already an integral part of maintaining a public – they help to communicate with subscribers, accept applications, and send mailings.

In the article we will tell you how to enable messages in the VKontakte group, go over the basic settings, show you how to create mailings and use messages for promotion.

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How to enable and configure messages in the VKontakte group

Basic settings instructions:

Turn on messages

The feature is enabled in the same place as everyone else – in Community Management.

Find the section “Messages”, click.

Configuring Messages

By default, there is “Disabled”, click, select “Enabled”.

Turn on messages

The function works, the “Write a message” button appeared in the group, we continue the settings.

Button "to write a message" in VK

Who can reply to messages in the VKontakte group:

  • the owner of the public;
  • admin;
  • editor.

How to set up a greeting

After enabling the function, a welcome field appears. You don’t have to fill it out, but it’s still better to do it. The greeting text hangs over the dialog window and is a hint for the user.

What to write in a greeting – first you need to say hello, and then leave a call to action.

How to set up a greeting in the VK community

Examples of text:

# 1: Hello. Write to us to place an order, inquire about the availability of goods or get advice.

# 2: Hello! What question are you interested in? We will be happy to answer.

The greeting text is limited to 200 characters.

How to add a message button to the left VK menu

In the settings, put a tick in front of the item “Add to the left menu”.

How to add a link to messages in the menu

On the personal page, in the left menu, under all sections, a button appears with the name of the group.

Go to VKontakte messages

Why add a button to the left menu – when someone writes to the group’s messages, the number of incoming messages appears opposite the button with the name of the public. So you will immediately understand that they wrote to you in the group, and not on your personal page, and you will not yet need to specially enter the group to check for incoming.

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PS And this is how the number of incoming messages is displayed on the control panel in the public.

Incoming VKontakte messages

Messages widget

A post widget is a widget for a website. It allows site visitors to write messages to you without going into VK and without filling out forms with personal data. In this case, you can send a response to the user even when he left the site, since the correspondence is conducted through the VK API. The dialogue will be saved in the messages of the group and it will be possible to resume it after a while.

The widget is included in the same section “Messages”. We put a tick in front of the item “Messages Widget” – “Allow the use of the widget”. We also specify the text that will be at the top of the widget. Below we indicate the text that is displayed if more than 30 minutes have passed since the response. Below we indicate the domain of the site. Click “Save”.

VK messages widget

Now go to VK Developers on the widget settings page – We select our group from the drop-down list. We set up where the widget will be located – in the lower right or left corner, how it will open – with or without sound, with or without a text prompt, immediately or after a few seconds (maximum 120).

Connecting the message widget to the site

All that remains is to copy the widget code and put it on the site.

VK messages widget code

On the settings page, you can immediately see how the widget will look for a site visitor.

How to add a VK messages widget to the site

How to write messages on behalf of the community

When you write to messages in a group, the default response is sent on behalf of the community, nothing needs to be configured separately. But there is a nuance – you cannot just write to the first subscriber of the group – you can only reply to the inbox.

How to write messages on behalf of the community

How to make a short address for invitation to dialogues

People love to ask questions in the public comments. It is more convenient for some, others do not see the message widget point-blank. If you reply to such users “Write to group messages”, most likely they will not write anything. Firstly, you need to perform unnecessary actions, and secondly, it seems that the admin just got rid of the client.

It would be much better if you include a short link to the dialogue in the response to the comment. Clicking on it immediately opens the community dialog box.

How to make a short address for an invitation to VK dialogs

To invite a person to chat, use a short link like community address.

Examplehow your response to a comment might look like:

  • Subscriber: Hello, is it possible just such a dressing gown, only with mother-of-pearl buttons?
  • You: of course, email us to order:
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Message response time

You have probably seen the response time in the groups under the “Write a message” button. This is how it looks:

Response time to VKontakte messages

The time is calculated automatically, as an average based on all responses for the last time (for which period, VK is silent). It is in your best interest to keep the waiting time as short as possible. If there is an inscription “Response time – 3 hours” under the button, hardly anyone will want to leave a message.

The average response time is affected not only by a long response, but also by unread messages, as well as completed dialogs, where the last word is left for the user, not for you. So that this does not affect the figure, in the dialogue it is necessary to mark the dialogue as answered. You do not need to specifically write something in the chat so that the last word remains with you – just tick the boxes.

How to quickly reply to messages in a group

Life hack: when a short response time is written under the button – 1 minute, 5 minutes, most likely the admin has set up an answering machine. This is also a way not to spoil the average response time and not sit 24 hours a day waiting for incoming.

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How to send a message on behalf of the VKontakte group

The newsletter can be done manually (but this is too long), through the VK application or through special services. Let’s consider the last 2 ways:

Application “Mailings”

The app is in the official catalog. Go to the “Management” community – section “Applications”, open the directory, scroll down and find what you were looking for.

How to send a message on behalf of the VKontakte group

We select a group.

Group mailings

You can leave everything as it is, by default the widget is accompanied by the “Subscribe” button.

Subscribe to the newsletter

The settings here are minimal, it only makes sense to set up a snippet if you have an online store. To do this, in the applications section, find the newly added one and click on “Configure application” – “Community settings”.

Setting up a newsletter snippet

In the snippet section, select the desired name, for example, “Buy a ticket” or “Contact”.

Newsletter subscription button

Since VK applications tend to malfunction, it is more reliable to use services, especially since many of them also have their own widgets in the VK catalog.


We list the most popular:

Senler… Service for bulk automatic mailings. There is a ready-made widget for VK. In messages, you can use variables (name, gender, country, city, marital status) to personalize the messages. High deliverability of emails is guaranteed, as people subscribe to the mailing list voluntarily. There is a deferred mailing function and detailed statistics on sent messages and subscribers.

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VK-Postinger… Program for promotion in VK. Newsletter is just one of its functions. You can send messages not only in PM, but also on the community wall, in comments, under photos and videos. In addition to mailing, such functions are available as search and collection of target audience, like, invite, reposting, delayed posting.


SocialSend… Auto funnel service for VK. Allows you to create a chain of letters in the mailing list. There is an internal CRM with detailed segmentation of the subscriber base by 33+ parameters. As well as detailed analytics, where you can see the dynamics of attracting subscribers, their activity, sources of subscriptions.


PS You will find even more useful services for VK in our article – in addition to software for mailings, we have listed parsers, deferred posting programs, and mass activity services.

How to use messages from the VKontakte community to promote

How to use incoming messages:

  • advise subscribers, and then unobtrusively offer to take a targeted action (order a product, sign up for a webinar);
  • take orders;
  • take personal ideas and suggestions for community development;
  • use it to provide technical support, for example, the Tilda website builder community (if there is not enough VK community to provide technical support, we recommend choosing Help Desk services).

How to use mailing lists:

  • to remind you of yourself if there are many subscribers in the group who are not active;
  • to outsmart the smart feed – VK algorithms are designed in such a way that the post may not reach a large part of your target audience. If you have really important information, and you want to be seen by as many subscribers as possible, it is better to make a newsletter.
  • to send exclusive materials to subscribers who send donations;
  • to send paid content to customers, such as lessons from a paid course;
  • to create an auto funnel, for example – first we invite you to subscribe to a free training newsletter, and in the last letter we offer to sign up for a paid webinar;
  • to send informational posts or blog articles;


Community messages in VK have a huge potential – you can consult subscribers in a convenient environment (social network), take orders, collect ideas, create auto sales funnels, thank the donors with exclusive materials, and we have not listed everything yet. Of course, there are some nuances – if there is no one to reply to messages, then it is better not to enable this function at all – too long replies or their absence will only irritate subscribers.

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