Messenger Rooms will be available for Facebook groups and events

Facebook announced that Messenger Rooms will be available in groups and events. The new “Rooms” tool will allow anyone to create videoconferences with up to 50 participants in groups, as well as conduct online events.

“Rooms” for groups and events will be available in the mobile application on iOS, Android and desktop computers. Let’s figure out how they will work.

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“Rooms” on Facebook – what are they and how will they work?

In groups:

  • Admins and members of the Facebook group will be able to create “Rooms” in which it will be possible to videoconference up to 50 people simultaneously.
  • Group admins will be able to allow or deny the use of Messenger Rooms, and also make Rooms available only to admins or selected members.
  • The group admin will be able to delete any video conferencing room.
  • In a group with posting without moderation, administrators will be the only ones who can create a “Room”, unless the administrator changes the settings. For closed-wall groups, by default anyone in the group can create a “Room”.
  • Group members will be able to send invitations to their “Room” in the group, including those who are not a member of the group.
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In activities:

  • Messenger Rooms available for Facebook events.
  • Users will be able to mark their events as “Online Meeting”.
  • The feature will only be available for private online events.

Messenger Rooms available for Facebook events

Messenger Rooms is in the process of being rolled out and has already been accessed by Australian users. Earlier, Facebook introduced a content calendar for social networks, and also banned closed groups from being open.

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