Metric “First 24 Hours” added to YouTube analytics

YouTube has made available a new metric – “First 24 Hours”, which allows content creators to analyze videos in the first 24 hours after publication.

In addition to the view counter, other data about the video for the first day was not previously displayed.

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YouTube data in the first 24 hours

To get this information, select “First 24 Hours” at the top of the “Creative Studio” page, after which detailed information about the video will be displayed.

The data summary shows the total number of views compared to previous videos and the total time. The report also contains data on how many subscribers you gained and lost during this time, and how much income you received if the video is monetized.

Views for the first day on YouTube

Compare multiple videos

YouTube allows you to compare the metrics of multiple videos.

Traffic sources are categorized:

  • Recommendations: Views received after clicks on featured videos.
  • Notifications: Views of subscribers who received notifications.
  • Channel Pages: Views of those who visit your channel and click on the videos they like.
  • External: External traffic, for example from social networks.
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Video comparison

The “Notifications” metric is especially worth noting: if the indicators drop noticeably over time, your content is no longer so interesting to users.

Changes to the Recommendations metric may indicate how YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is responding to your videos.

Daily statistics will not be displayed for videos posted before 2019, as well as for streams – separate analytics are used for them.

Earlier, YouTube introduced a new hashtag search and began adding ads at the end of videos.

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