Moments on Odnoklassniki: how to add photos or videos, stickers, text

Moments on Odnoklassniki appeared quite recently – they are analogous to Instagram stories, but taking into account the specifics of OK: users can rate moments and compete in popularity with friends.

In this article, we will tell you how moments work, how they differ from a similar function in other social networks, and how to create your first moment in OK.

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What are moments in Odnoklassniki

Moments in Odnoklassniki are short videos and photos up to 10 seconds that disappear after 24 hours. Doesn’t it look like anything? But there are some differences from the well-known Instagram Stories.

How moments work:

  • the user publishes a short video or photo;
  • you can overlay text;
  • you can apply a sticker;
  • there are AR masks;
  • you can respond with your moment to the moments of friends;
  • you can write text responses in moments (like comments in a story).

What is the difference from other social networks: here the main feature is the assessment of other people’s moments and the competition for a place in the rating. Previously, you could put a rating or an emoticon under the photo, and this greatly attracted the OK audience – this was also implemented in moments. There is a rating of moments, which is updated in real time as ratings are given. So you can always see which of your friends is the most popular and fight for a high place in the rating.

Photo and video requirements:

  • length – up to 10 seconds;
  • aspect ratio – 9:16;
  • size – there is no official information about sizes yet, but given the similarity to stories, you can stick to the size of stories for now – this is the total video size 1080px x 1,920px, to determine the safe zone you need to subtract 250px from the top and bottom.
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What moments let you do – share interesting life events, fool around using masks, compete with friends – which of you is more handsome / beautiful, shoot cool video messages and postcards, fight for a place in the rating.

The function has just been launched, but the developers are already promising to add the ability to create thematic competitive moments for group and profile administrators.

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How to make and publish a moment on Odnoklassniki

If you’ve ever published a story on Instagram or VK, it won’t be difficult to figure it out, but just in case, here’s a step-by-step instruction:

How to add a photo or video

Step 1… We open the Odnoklassniki mobile application and immediately see the “Moments of the day” item. If you don’t have this, you need to update the application. To create a moment, click on the circle with a plus and the caption “Add”.

How to post a moment on Odnoklassniki

Step 2… Below we choose what we want to send – a postcard, photo or video. You can shoot a video with your phone camera or download a finished file from the gallery.

How to add video to moments in Odnoklassniki

If a video is selected, you can crop it, for this click on the scissors icon, then select the desired segment by moving the sliders of the beginning and end of the video.

Cropping video in moments

You can also turn off the sound of the video. to do this, click on the sound icon, it becomes crossed out.

How to remove sound from video in moments

How to create a postcard

“Postcard” is something like “Create” mode in Stories. You need to select a solid background, and then add text or a sticker to it.

Step 1… Choosing a background. 10 colors to choose from. The default gradient is, again, a copy of the gradient from the Stories. After choosing a color, click on the arrow in the white circle.

How to make open in moments

Step 2… Add text and stickers.

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How to add text and stickers

How to add text

When we made a background or added a photo / video, a toolbar opens. So far, quite modest, but perhaps in the future the developers will add more features to the editor.

Step 1… To add text, you need to click on the “T” icon or touch the label to enter text.

How to add text to a story in Odnoklassniki

Step 2… Here you can immediately change the color of the text (click on the colored circles), and the location (center or side).

How to change text color

Step 3… There are several fonts to choose from. Click on the button with the word “Normal”, and the fonts begin to change.

How to change the font

There are only 4 fonts available so far:

  • usual;
  • modern;
  • printed;
  • fatty.

Step 4… To select a background for the font, click on the “A” icon in the square. The color of the background can also be changed – click on all the same colored circles.

How to select text

The inscription can be increased, dragged and changed the slope, but in OK it is implemented somehow in a sloppy way – the inscription turns out to be blurry, and the substrate is curved.

How to add stickers

Step 1… To add a sticker, click on the smiley icon in the toolbar.

How to add stickers to stories on Odnoklassniki

What stickers are there:

By default, the “Kotovasia” sticker pack opens – these are not just stickers in a story, but just memes with cats in a circle. Stickers can be enlarged without loss of quality

sticker pack

The second sticker pack – smilies – 20 pieces so far.

sticker pack - smilies

Press “+ more stickers” and the sticker store opens.

+ more stickers

There are static and animated stickers, free and available only with a paid subscription. After installation, the sticker pack appears in the editor’s shared library.

How to use a marker

Step 1… In the moments there is also a marker tool for drawings. To use it, you need to click on the brush icon, choose a color and start painting.

How to draw in moments

Unlike a similar tool in Instagram Stories, the brush size cannot be adjusted in moments.

How to apply an AR mask

Step 1… Masks are available in video mode. To the right of the moment format selection, click on the carnival mask icon.

How to add a mask at a moment

Step 2… Select the desired mask and remove. Several dozen masks are available.

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How to take a video with a mask

How to post a moment

When the moment is ready, click on the orange Share button in the lower right corner. The number on the button indicates the number of moments to be posted.

How to post a moment

After that, your moment will be displayed in the general stream of moments on the main page.

PS The created moment can be saved to the gallery, for this click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and click “Save on device”. But this must be done before publication.

How to save a moment to your phone

How to see reactions and other people’s moments

All moments (yours and those to whom you are subscribed) are displayed in the “Highlights of the day” section. When someone leaves a reaction to your moment or removes a response, this is displayed in the “Responses” icon.

How to see reactions and other people's moments

It can be seen who put what reaction.

How to see who answered

How to view the leaderboard

In the same place where all reactions are located, there is a rating icon.

How to view the rating of moments in Odnoklassniki

The rating shows whose moments are the most popular right now (meaning friends and those you follow).

Moments rating

How to answer a moment

When we open someone else’s moment, there is a large orange “Reply” button, click on it and remove our answer.

How to answer a story on Odnoklassniki

The answers to our moments can be found in the “Answers” icon.


Odnoklassniki launched an analogue of Stories, but not just impudently copied the idea and options, but added their own chips, for example, the rating of moments and the ability to respond with a moment to moments. The idea of ​​AR masks was copied from Tik-Tok and so far this function has the widest range of options. The editor for processing moments is even more minimalistic than the editor for stories (although it would seem much more minimalistic), and stickers are not called interactive stickers, as in stories, but simply stickers, as in Telegram.

But given that the function was just launched (in October 2020), it is not worth making too many demands on the first version of the moments – most likely the functionality will be expanded.

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