Music for YouTube videos: where to download free copyright-free tracks for the video background

Retention of the audience depends on how well the music for the YouTube video is selected. With the help of a musical composition, you can influence a person’s emotions, make him worry, feel fear, excitement.

From this article, the reader will learn where to get free music for their videos and how to choose it correctly. We will also discuss the sanctions that may apply to channels that use copyrighted music.

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Free Music for YouTube Videos from Hosting Music Library

The most trusted resource where you can get music for your videos is the YouTube music library. In order to enter and download your favorite song, you need to go to “Creative studio“, Press the” Create “button and a menu with music will open in front of you. In addition to long songs, there are also short sound effects that you can also use for free.

Video hosting offers users a variety of compositions. You can choose the music you need by genre, use of musical instruments, mood, duration. To listen to the compositions, you must press the play button with a dark triangle. To download, you need to press the button in the last column. Next to each song, it is indicated to which genre it belongs and the duration.

YouTube Music Library

There are also compositions that are allowed to be used, but with an indication of the authorship. You must copy the text and place it in the description for your video.

Music Library

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How to choose the right music

Surely, when watching different videos on YouTube, you have repeatedly heard the same musical composition, even if we are talking about channels with different themes. The thing is that many channel owners do not want to waste their time on selecting music and choose the first song they come across from the library. First of all, you need to be guided by what mood should be in your video:

  1. Voltage. The main function of this music is to bring the audience to excitement. If you want to create tension only in some moments, then select individual sounds for a few seconds.
  2. Calmness. Such music is characterized as harmonious and calm. Such tracks are suitable for videos without a semantic load, where viewers can relax and watch your video in a calm atmosphere.
  3. Excitement. This music, as a rule, is distinguished by its energy, the scenes in the video are replaced by each other and the viewer does not know what turn of events to expect. The emotions of your subscribers will be extraordinary.
  4. Anticipation. Such musical compositions evoke a sense of expectation in the audience, which provokes them to the emergence of new emotions.
  5. Fear. With this type of music, you can trigger the strongest human emotions.

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How to download music for a video

To download music from the library, you need to click on the arrow key and the horizontal bar. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, the download of the composition will begin below. By right-clicking on it, a menu will open in front of you, and by clicking on the “Show in folder” button, you will find yourself in the place where the composition is saved. You can use it from there, move it to your desktop or to any folder.

How to download music for a video

What music can’t be used on YouTube

There are dozens of resources on the Internet where music is allegedly located that can be used in your videos. You shouldn’t download tracks there if you don’t want your ad revenue to go to the songwriter or your videos to be blocked for copyright infringement.

If you have found a popular song on the Internet and want to insert it into your videos, you need to check whether the use of the track is allowed and under what conditions.

To do this, you need to use one of two methods:

Method 1. Open the music library and click on the second menu key. All the music will open before you (the one that you can and cannot use). If the track has copyright, then such an inscription will appear. There you can also see the title and the author who sings it.

What music can't be used on YouTube

Method 2. If you have not found the music of interest in the list, you can use the search. To do this, write the name of the song or its artist in the line. In order to find out about the rights of use, you need to click on the composition you are interested in.

Check copyright

If you cooperate with a media network, then, for sure, they offer you to use their music library for free. But we do not recommend doing this, because there is no 100% certainty that you will stay with this affiliate program forever.

And imagine this situation: you use music from the media network in your videos, but after a while you decide to work through the youtube affiliate program, or you want to change the media network to another. And then you will have to delete all videos with used music, since you no longer have the right to use it. It is also possible that the music library will simply close.

Important information! But if you are making a video for the purpose of review, then you can use fragments of other people’s compositions and clips for a few seconds. In YouTube help, this is treated as fair use, which is not considered an infringement and does not need permission from the copyright holder to use the music.

Sanctions for using copyrighted music on your videos

YouTube Help provides basic information on using music for your videos. Let’s briefly talk about the sanctions for channels that use author’s content in their videos.

  1. Content blocking in all countries. We are talking about musical compositions, the copyright holders of which have banned their use all over the world. If you insert music on videos, then your video may be blocked in all countries or it will play without music.
  2. Blocking in certain countries. If the copyright holder does not allow the use of copyright music in a certain country, for example, in Russia, and you insert it into your videos, then the sanctions to your video will be the same as in the case of blocking in all countries.
  3. Monetization. If you use someone else’s music in your videos and ads are connected to the channel, then the copyright holder of the music can request part of the income from the videos or all of the income. If you agree with these conditions, then there will be no problems, if not, then it is better to delete the video from the channel.

In order to make sure that your videos do not have copyrighted music, you need to check if there have been any complaints about you. To do this, go to the “Status and Functions” section, which is located in the “Channel” menu. If the last smiley is highlighted with a red background, then your channel is not breaking anything.

Sanctions for using copyrighted music on your videos

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is best to use music from the music library, and not risk the repertoire of your channel. After all, if you search well for music, then you can find interesting compositions. And in order to attract viewers to your content, try to use music that popular bloggers don’t use in their videos.

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