Native advertising

Advertising is advertising, contextual or targeted advertising, e-mail newsletter or banner, its main purpose is to sell. And since there are a great many companies that want to sell something, there are also a huge number of selling advertising in various forms. Therefore, due to the oversaturation of the information field with advertising messages, they either cause a negative reaction or are completely ignored.

For example, many users install programs on their computers that block advertising in any form.

As a consequence, advertising costs rise and efficiency serves. And here, like manna from heaven, native, or as it is also called, natural advertising comes to the rescue.

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Here are the statistics on the growth in popularity of queries related to native advertising in Google.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising literally translates from English as “natural advertising”.
Imagine that you have a dream in which you buy a BMW car and after that life changes rapidly, you meet the girl of your dreams, the business goes uphill, and so on. I wonder when you wake up if you want to buy the same BMW that was in your dream?

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Of course, until the time when advertising is embedded in dreams, oh, how far away, but the essence of native advertising is precisely this, to be non-intrusive and seem natural.

The advantages of native advertising include:

  • is in the place where they want to read it;
  • at the moment there is no way to block it;
  • can be shown on any device.

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Types and examples of native advertising

Most of the time, you might have come across native social media ads while scrolling through the news feed. My attitude to native advertising is purely positive, because very often I find there interesting posts or links to quality sites.

An example of native VKontakte advertising

The only annoying moment is when they try to sell you something that you do not need or you do not plan to buy, but this is already a question for those who set up this ad.

Example of native Instagram ads

On news sites, this can be a news headline, which is a link to the partner’s site. The circled heading leads to the Match TV website.

Example of native advertising on a news site

After reading any article, at the end you come across a list of recommended ones for reading, and among them there may also be native advertising.

Example of native advertising

In this case, it’s Google’s Display Space, cleverly built into a list of featured content.

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Native advertising should be in the arsenal of every internet marketer, because this will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and your brand awareness. At the same time, you should know your target audience very well, understand what they will like, and what can only cause negative.

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