Nemesis VKontakte – an algorithm for protecting unique content in VK

VKontakte has announced the “Nemesis” algorithm, which will help fight the theft of content on the social network.

The release of the algorithm is scheduled for June 2018, as the community representatives told about at the recent Vk Media Day conference.

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How the VK nemesis algorithm will work

All users will be able to send a complaint about the use of secondary content and provide a link not to the original source inside VK. Further, a special moderation department will consider the received notifications and issue warnings to violators. Authors who receive warnings can challenge these decisions.

With numerous violations, authors noticed in the abuse of using someone else’s content may fall under sanctions – up to disconnecting the community from the possibility of monetization.

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Complaints from users about non-unique content will begin to be accepted from June 1, and from June 15, authors on whom complaints have been received will receive the first warnings.

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What does this mean for the SMM community?

As we can see, this will not be something like a built-in “bayanometer”, but will only work in conjunction with users.

In this regard, the value of unique content increases even more, especially for large communities, which have a large audience and, accordingly, a larger number of users can notice the use of someone else’s content and complain. At the same time, most likely the subscribers themselves will not actively use this function, it is rather required by the authors who create content.

Accordingly, those publics and groups that post non-original content in the future will face serious problems and will not be able to receive applications for advertising through market platform in VK

To protect your content, you first need to post it on VK. In case of using someone else’s content – provide a link to the source.

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