Nethouse service overview.

Do you want to create a grand event in your city with just a few clicks?

5 June 2019

Do you want to create a grand event in your city with just a few clicks? A step-by-step constructor in an accessible mode will prove that you can cope with it yourself without the participation of a team of assistants. The new service Nethouse. Events from the platform for creating sites Nethouse are already used not only by organizers, but also by those who are looking for an experience.

Is Nethouse.Events easy to use? It’s no more difficult than creating a document in Word. We will be happy to tell you more.

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Click the “Create event” button on the main page of the service. Choose a theme (color scheme). There are several of them. All of them are able to convey the mood. Internal elements do not change from this.

Nethouse service overview.

Click the New Event button again. Register using social networks (this is very convenient) or email. Done, now you can create an event.

5 basic steps to create a page

1. Confirmation of the topic selection.

2. Title and subject matter. The title is simple, but the topic is necessary for the event to be displayed for your audience in the Afisha after publication.

3. Venue. City, address, site – the place where the event will take place.

4. Date and time of the event. Further, in the internal section, it will be possible to specify the time-based program; this feature will be discussed later.

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5. Organizer. At this stage, you should provide the contact details of the creator. If a certain person is involved in the preparation of the event, then his information is indicated in the “Contacts” section, which we will talk about in a step-by-step analysis of the information visible part of the event.

Page editor

So, at the very top of the window, we see a cover with a standard picture of the selected theme. Each section is assigned an editor button. If you click on it, a menu with advanced functions will appear on the right.

Nethouse service overview.

In the “Cover” section, we can upload a picture that best suits the event. Adjust the blending balance so that the numeric and alphabetic information is visible in the background of the uploaded photo. Then you can turn off the display of the logo and the name of the organizer, or you can upload a logo in the profile menu in the organizer section. Now save and move on.

Information “About the event” speaks for itself. In this field, you should indicate important data for the viewer. Perhaps your event is held annually or there will be special guests, or maybe you have a dress code planned or you just want to tell an entertaining idea of ​​the event.

An event sometimes has several stages at a specific time. In the constructor, you can use the “Program” block and list the required data.

If you are planning a seminar, webinar, presentation, then the “Speakers” section will allow you to compile the necessary information and even add a photo of the participants.

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For photos related to the event, there is a slider with photos and videos.

Also, in a separate field, you can add reviews about your event. Perhaps you have done something similar and there are already positive responses.

In the contacts section, indicate the data by which you can find out the details of the event.

Do not forget to click the “Save” button after each edit. After saving, the page is transformed taking into account the new data, and you can see how the information is reflected and whether you need to make adjustments.

Service top menu

“Setting”. This block is responsible for basic information about the event, registration information and ticket purchase information. If the event does not provide for a registration form and does not require the purchase of tickets, this can be indicated just here.

“Blocks”. All sections after the cover are movable, but they can not only be moved and rearranged, but also hidden. For example, an event does not plan to hold speeches, and the Speakers section can be hidden. You can also hide this block if information about the speaking guests is specified in the “About the event” item.

“Design”. Event decoration. You can experiment with different themes and choose the right one by changing your initial choice. Be sure to save the result if all adjustments are made.

Setting up the registration and ticket sales form

As we said above, Nethouse.Events makes it easy to customize the registration form and ticket sales. Go to the event settings in the “Registration and tickets” tab, specify the number of seats for the event, add, if necessary, several types of tickets and their prices. While ticket sales are available for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, for individuals – in the service plans.

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The commission from ticket sales is perhaps the lowest on the market – only 4.9%, regardless of the number of tickets sold and other nuances. Payment is accepted by bank transfer, as well as by bank cards, Yandex.Money and through Sberbank Online. Both organizers and buyers receive all necessary closing documents: online receipts and acts.


The Publish button is at the top of the window and is highlighted in green. Review the details along the way and submit the event for publication.

If all the data is correct, after entering the verification code received in the form of SMS within 15 seconds, you go to the section for filling in the descriptive part. Your event goes to the Poster. Here’s how beautiful and modern a page can be:

Nethouse service overview.

Congratulations! Wait for guests at your event and have an unforgettable time by spending half an hour creating an event in the Nethouse service.

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