New algorithm for ranking VK posts

The social network VKontakte announced the release of a new algorithm for ranking posts in the feed. According to the representative, the innovation is intended to improve the quality of the information provided. So, the new algorithm for ranking posts in VK will give priority to the newer and most discussed news.

And now about all the changes that await users.

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What will change in the ranking algorithm for VK posts

Personal news feed

For each individual user, the feed is formed individually, taking into account his preferences. In particular, the posts of friends and favorite communities will be shown above.

The new ranking criteria will take into account not only likes and comments, but also the time a user spends reading posts or viewing photos.

Priority to fresh posts

The volume of information is growing daily and most people prefer the latest news. Therefore, in the VK news feed, the priority is to receive the freshest posts. At the same time, if you have favorite publics or bloggers, you can subscribe to notifications of new publications on their pages – you can do this while watching the feed. After that, publications from these sources will receive additional priority in your feed.

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Also, the social network aimed at combating spam and clickbait… With the help of machine learning technology, unique content will rise higher, and malicious content will “go” down. The same will apply to advertising posts, the purpose of which is to boost likes and attract users with flashy headlines – all other things being equal, VKontakte will give priority to higher quality content.

Despite extensive planned changes, nothing has yet been said about the fight against fake news.

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More comments – more coverage

The discussion generates interest and such posts attract the attention of users. That is why posts with comments will be given priority when displayed.

In addition, it will take into account whether the author of the publication is online right now or not. After all, if the user is online, then the response to new comments will be much faster. Also, “Like” marks from friends have more weight relative to the same marks, but from those who are not subscribed to you and are not on the list of friends.

Thus, boosting likes and other activities will make much less sense.

New principle of showing reposts

Since most users make reposts for themselves in order to save important or interesting information on the wall, VKontakte will change the principle of displaying reposts in the news feed. So that those who are interested in football can see re-posts with the latest match results or video reviews, and movie lovers get information faster about the news that their friends have shared.

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Again, in the feed, the original post will be higher than its copies (reposts).


This list of innovations will begin to operate in the very near future, but already now, several conclusions can be drawn on it:

  • Bulky text posts, it is better to design with editor of articles in VK;
  • For links to get more reach – write bright text liners;
  • Accompany posts with photos, gifs or videos;
  • Encourage users to leave comments.

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