New “Create” mode in Instagram Stories, button Cubes and GIFs on the background

Following the removal of the “Subscriptions” tab on Instagram, they introduced another update – a new “Create” mode in Stories and a “Cubes” button.

The new story creation mode greatly expands the capabilities of the application and the creation of new content in it. As always, we will understand the innovations together with you!

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New “Create” mode in Stories and a “Cubes” button on Instagram

So, press add a new Story and in the menu below, scroll to the left and open the “Create” mode. Next, let’s talk about the new features.

Cubes on Instagram – on this day

At the moment, the main option in the “Create” mode is the “This day” option, which shows a random post that you shared on the same day in the past. To open the option, scroll to the right to the icon with an analog clock wrapped by an arrow.

The post that you posted on that day exactly one year ago is displayed. To view another post “On this day” – click the button with the cubes at the top. If you want to share this post in Stories, once again tap on the clock icon and then add the story at our discretion.

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The launch will help make it easier for users to convert old content to fresh content, share it and get new feedback. Previously, to share an old post or story, you had to go to the archive of publications.

Background in the form of a gif in a story

Also the new “Create” mode allows you to find and add a GIF as a repeating background of the Story. Find a round with a GIF icon, enter a word to search for GIFs and choose the one you like. After that, the gif will be added as the background of the story.

How to add a GIF to the background in a story

It remains to add text or other elements.

What else?

If you swipe your finger to the right or to the left, you can use the new “Create” mode in the story for various stickers.

Countdown to Stories… A button with an hourglass is responsible for setting up a sticker with a countdown. By entering this mode and clicking on the cubes from above, you can create a timer counting down to the end of the working day, the end of lessons or the weekend.

New Create mode in Instagram Stories

Quiz in Stories… Choice of answer icon. Here you can also add a quiz with one of the default questions: “Guess my favorite ice cream”, “Only one of these is true” or “Guess my favorite show”. Changing questions occurs after tap on the cubes from above.

Random question for a quiz on Instagram stories

Instagram poll… For this sticker, unfortunately, the question options have not yet been localized and are available only in English. You can see them all the same by clicking on the button with the cubes above.

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Random poll on Instagram Stories

Sticker Questions in Stories… Question icon. So far, there is one question in Russian “What should I listen to” and an answer in the form of a song. There are also other ready-made questions, we look at them by clicking on the cubes.

New Story Creation Mode

Share your impressions and experience of using the new story creation mode in the comments, and if you have any questions – ask them.

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