New design of the Recommendations section on Instagram

Instagram announced a new design for the Recommendations section and a new search. New buttons and sections have appeared.

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What changed?

There is a new navigation bar above the photos and videos shown in the recommendations. The button-shaped panel has links to IGTV and the shopping section, as well as themed selections that match the user’s interests, such as food, art, travel and others.

The IGTV and Store buttons are pinned right at the start, making it easy to find products and videos from brands and creators you like.

In addition, the IGTV and shopping sections will also have their own individual style. By clicking on IGTV, you will see the IGTV homepage, where you can view a personal selection of recommended videos from accounts you follow or wish to subscribe to.

IGTV home page

Clicking “Store” will give you access to category filters in the navigation bar. These filters let you view specific types of Instagram products, including beauty, apparel, home decor, and more.

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Updated section Shopping

In the near future, the recommendation grid will undergo a number of changes. So along with photos and videos, Instagram will also show Stories that may be of interest to users.

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What does it mean?

Instagram has highlighted the accents and now it is important for it to promote its video service and online purchases within the social network.

In the era of smartphones, vertical video has a major advantage over conventional video. However, it is unlikely that IGTV will ever be able to fully compete with YouTube. But it will help Instagram keep the audience inside the application longer.

As for shopping, the ability to make purchases without leaving your Instagram account has been asking for a long time. And after it begins to fully operate in all countries, a huge part of the payment will go through Instagram.

We will remind, earlier, Instagram began the transition to a new type of profile, and also launched quizzes in the story.

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