New feature: How to hide group subscribers in VK

Are other companies poaching your followers? Now you can hide the list of participants – users will see only their friends and the total number of participants.

We figure out what the new function is and how to hide members of the VKontakte community from all competitors.

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How to hide subscribers in a group in VK

To hide subscribers in a group in VK, you need to activate the corresponding option. To do this, go to “Management – Participants” and put a tick in front of the item “List of participants”.

After activating the setting, the full list of subscribers will become available only to moderators, editors and administrators. In advertising, everything will remain the same – you can set up targeting in VK to hidden subscribers through the “Communities” in the block of interests.

The innovation will affect primarily the services of parsing the audience from VK. It will be impossible to collect an audience by communities that have hidden their subscribers. It will be possible to reach this audience only with the help of the target.

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