New group menu in VK: how to make, configure and how to use

A new design tool has appeared on the VKontakte social network – the community menu. The VK group menu will help highlight the most important information and structure the content of the community. You can add up to 7 links to the menu, excluding community apps.

How the new tool works, how to use it and how to set it up correctly, we will tell you in our new material.

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How to customize the VK community menu

What can be added to the menu

In the group menu, which users will see at the very top, under the main information and above the feed, you can add links to articles, albums, products, records and much more. The menu is displayed on all platforms – in the web version, in the mobile version and in VKontakte mobile applications.

Also, in the menu you can add links to resources inside VKontakte, with the exception of links to wiki pages. The publication of links to external sites is prohibited.

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Each menu item (link) can be customized: add a title and cover. The name can be up to 20 characters long. The minimum cover size is 376×256 pixels. In addition to links, the menu displays community applications and the store, if it is connected in the community.

How to setup

To add a group menu to VK, follow these steps in steps.

Step 1… Go to the community settings: “Settings – Menu”.

How to customize the VK community menu

Step 2… Click New Link.

New link

Step 3… Set up the link point by point:

  • Upload a cover (minimum dimensions 376×256 pixels).
  • Enter a name (up to 20 characters).
  • Enter the link address.

How to add a link to the group menu in VK

Done! This way you can add 7 items for the group menu.

How to remove or change a link in a menu

If necessary, you can change and delete the added links. To do this, go to the same settings item. Opposite the item that you want to edit, click “Edit”.

The element editing panel will open. Next, select and click on the desired item to change or delete it.

How to remove or change a link in a menu

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How to use

Use the new menu to grab the attention of new group visitors and to make it easier to navigate through main sections and content.

Thanks to the new community menu, you can tell the main thing right away. For example, add a link to a promotion or a discounted product, price and payment terms, the best articles of a group, a portfolio or an application for online recording. Menu items are shown as a carousel and visually resemble large buttons: you intuitively want to press them.

How to disable or remove the menu in the VK group

The menu is generally a good start, but with one big caveat.

You cannot remove or disable the menu. And many people would like to choose whether to use the tool or not.

But there is one non-obvious life hack: if all applications connected to the community are available only for admins, the menu is not shown.

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