New Instagram profile design: updated interface, buttons and sections

Instagram started updating the main page of the Instagram profile. Today we will tell you in more detail what has changed and how the home page interface will now look.

The social network team announced that the release of the new Instagram design is scheduled for the very near future even before the new year.

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New design of the main page of the profile on Instagram

In the updated profile, we got a new arrangement of elements. For clarity, we will compare how the profile page looked before and how it will look in the future. In the picture below, the old profile view is on the left, and the new one on the right.

Let’s take a look at what has changed.

  1. Avatar (profile photo) is now located on the right side of the screen. Ava used to be on the left.
  2. Description (section about yourself on Instagram) is on the left, below the page name and above the number of subscriptions and subscribers. It used to be below the avatar, name and followers.
  3. Subscribers. The number of subscriptions and subscribers is displayed below the description, it used to be at the very top.
  4. Communication buttons in the profile header remained in the same place, but the design changed. Now they are designed as buttons with rounded edges.
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In terms of editing on behalf of the owner, the page has also undergone changes. Together with the above-mentioned innovations, the button “Edit profile” has changed its position, it “moved” down. It also added a button to quickly launch ads – “Promotions”
Editing a new profile

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How to upgrade to a new design

If you still see the old interface on Instagram and want to switch to a new one, then we can disappoint you. This cannot be done. Even if you previously had a new Instagram design, and then the old one began to appear, you will not be able to return to the new one.

As we wrote above, the new Instagram design is only being tested, therefore, different options for displaying a profile for two different accounts are possible, even if you manage accounts from the same device. The main one is the one we described in the article today. After completing the tests with a probability of 99%, the profile will look like this.

At the same time, adjustments are possible. For example, many users complain that the number of posts is not shown, but they would like to see them. These and other elements can be corrected based on user complaints.

Can I go back to the old profile design

As such, there is no information on this matter. But most likely, the transition will be final and irrevocable. Therefore, returning to the old (and more familiar) view will not work.

We will monitor the situation and promptly publish the latest information on updating Instagram.

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UPD from 06/27/2019

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