New marketing: 5 solutions for promotion without contextual advertising


How do businesses exist in 2022?

Promotion: possible solutions


Companies that help businesses automate mailings are working to ensure that the classic tool remains effective and organic.

Determining the optimal mailing frequency with the highest conversion to an order, for example, is helped by ML technology, and choosing the right email content is a simple AB test.

For example, the clothing store 12 Storeez, which used AB tests to find that customers are more likely to open emails without emoticons in the subject line, and that shorter emails collect more clicks.

Mailings can be done through a variety of channels: email, SMS and messenger messages, mobile and web pooches, or chatbots.
They have the advantage of flexibility: the mailing can be adapted to the market situation and the interests of the company.
For example, you can add a pop-up with a recommendation for a product that is currently out of stock or promptly notify the customer that the product in question is available for order.

It’s better to focus on the quality of the mailings rather than the quantity, as brands now have to treat consumers very carefully.

If a company has a loyalty program, you can use special mechanics to increase Open Rate and Click Rate: accrue points for opening an email, for clicking on a banner, for reading an article on the site.

AMP-emails will also help to increase the conversion rate. Filling out lead-forms and surveys can be done directly in the mail: your audience won’t have to go to the website. And Zapier, Albato or other services for integration without programmers will ensure the transfer of data from the letter to your CRM.

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Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program helps a company learn the habits, interests and needs of customers, as well as gather reliable information on offline purchases.

Its purpose is to make the company attractive to the customer and lead them to repeat purchases.
As part of a loyalty program, a business can attract new customers.

If you sell offline, integrate a cashback service into your site using an API. So you’ll be able to collect not only information about receipts, but also buyers’ personal data (with their consent). This means you can communicate with them directly, for example through newsletters.

Sales on Marketplace

In 2021 marketplaces will outpace search engines in terms of the number of product queries from users. Search queries are 50% more likely to include the name of the product along with the name of the marketplace on which it can be ordered.

Marketplace offers retailers branding opportunities: options for product card design, participation in promotions, increasing the number of impressions for new items, working with feedback or product recommendations.

Advertising integrations

The influencer marketing market has been showing steady growth, with 50-70% growth expected by the end of 2021 compared to 2020. Influencers continue to work on available platforms.
For example, companies have been buying native advertising in Telegram channels for several years. In 2021, for example, it was placed by 48% of companies with a promotion budget from bloggers.

Collaboration with major players

Collaboration with major platforms that launch support programs as part of their own PR or marketing strategy can help here.

Marketing after restrictions: how to get the most

  • Develop direct communications. Use several channels for mailings and adapt them to the current needs and interests of the audience. Try not to “overspample” customers, make messages informative and useful. Add special mechanics: give points for opening emails, clicking on banners, viewing material on the site or in the app.
  • Develop new opportunities for loyalty programs. Today it’s important for customers to optimize their budgets and get the opportunity to save money, so cashback services may be in demand. Award points or cash rewards for recommendations: that way you can attract new customers.
  • Assess the prospects for working with the marketplace. If you are considering such a collaboration or are already selling on the marketplace, consider all the promotional opportunities it has to offer.
  • Do not give up on advertising integrations. But be sure to discuss with the Influencer whether he plans posts on current events.
  • Clarify their content, format and tone, and assess reputational risks and whether the context is consistent with your brand values and key messages.
  • Keep an eye out for entrepreneur support programs launched by large companies in your segment.

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