New referral sources have appeared in the statistics of the VKontakte community

New referral sources have been added to the statistics of the VKontakte community, which will allow you to analyze where subscribers come from, and more effectively promote your group.

Now, more than 15 sources will be taken into account in the referral sources: notifications, stories, messages, advertisements, search engines, and even audio recordings. Thanks to this data, you can understand what attracts users and use this channel more often, or vice versa.

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Topic article: Analysis of group statistics in VK

To see the sources of referrals to the VK group, open your community and click “Statistics” in the menu on the right. Next, go to the “Attendance” tab and find the “Sources of referrals” section.

Previously, referral sources could be seen only in the desktop version, now they are available in VK mobile applications. Collect more data about traffic sources and promote your group based on them.

Also, VKontakte recently launched group calls and added new targeting settings: “Interested audience” and “Expand audience”.

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