New Tik Tok trends in 2021: dance, music, flash mobs

Tik Tok trends are free benefits for Android and iPhone that are in demand on the social network. Popular videos, music create trends and trends. About what’s popular in this article.

Where do the trends come from?

When a new subscriber is just starting to take advantage of a social network, then different videos are recommended for him to watch, without taking into account personal data: location, age and gender. And only after the user starts to like specific publications, he sees more in the search for such materials. The video does not include a download date. You can understand this only by looking at the publication date of the first comment. Trends are generated depending on what is happening in the high-view clip. Using them you can get to the top list. But they are changing rapidly.

New trends in Tik Tok in 2021

new tik tok trends

TikTok trends in 2021 are characterized by great variety, more details about each type below.

With hands

Hand dances are a good option for those who are shy about capturing full body movements. In the video, the blogger sets the camera at the level of the beginning of the waist, and performs cool movements with his hands. Hand movements by several people are popular, which in the process form the heart.


Bloggers dance to popular songs that are listened to by the majority of subscribers in the application and pass the baton to others. Specify the appropriate hashtag, which can be used to find others who danced to the same melody.

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tik tok dance trends

TikTok users love to watch the dances. If you do not possess certain skills, it is rational to rehearse the number in advance, watch ready-made dance compositions on the Internet. Many bloggers shoot videos where they move up the stairs to the music – this is now in trend.

With titles

To popularize the captured content, it is important to correctly register hashtags. At first, you can see how experienced bloggers do it.

Moving frames

Moving frames – the effect creates the appearance of magical actions, as if the user with his hands or other parts of the body adjusts the appearance and width of the frames. To connect this effect, you must follow the established algorithm.

  1. You shoot a video where you push the frames with your sleeves.
  2. Download and open the Kinemaster software.
  3. Choose “Empty Project”.
  4. Add a video from the Gallery that you filmed earlier.
  5. Cut off the points you want.
  6. Set the slowdown;
  7. Choose a black background;
  8. Click “Moderate”;
  9. Set the desired width with the displayed frame.

Follow the same steps for each line segment.

With eyes

eye trends

The image with eyes is a new trend. First you need to choose a soundtrack, prepare water with an ear stick. After that, the user moistens the stick with water and directs it to the central part of the camera. Then he takes off his wide-open eye. When done correctly, a video is obtained with an approximate clear image of the eye.


Finger dancing is also a real trend. Many bloggers make funny finger movements decorating them with funny accessories. The main thing is to pick up exciting music and move them to the beat.

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Flash mobs

Flash mobs are often referred to as viral videos. They gather a huge audience, grab the attention of many. They also collect a lot of likes and reviews. You can see their great variety after entering #wanttrends. More often than not, other bloggers motivate others to take action to share their results.

Korean Trends

korean trends

Koreans, like many Tiktokers, make videos of singing and dancing. Russian songs are especially popular with them. Popular Korean bloggers amusingly open their mouths to Russian plywood. But the real trend is advertising for Korean cosmetics. Koreans have an incredibly cute appearance and a pleasant face. And Korean cosmetics have long been a leader in cosmetology. By combining these two indicators, Korean bloggers manage to collect millions of views.

Chinese TikTokers Trends

chinese trends

Tiktokers from China also emphasize their strengths – advertising technology and online sales. There are many clips of joint shopping, streaming unboxing. They can quickly test a novelty on the digital market. Since the application itself originated in this country, the Chinese are the greatest admirers. It is noteworthy that the average age of the target audience is much higher here. Basically – from 18 to 40. People, watching and filming such simple videos, relax after a hard day’s work.

Cool songs

Music is the trend of Tik Tok, since the program was developed as a karaoke application. Users were looking for funny music, opened their mouths to the soundtrack. Every blogger will see music trends if during the shoot:

The list of TikTokers’ favorite songs is constantly changing.

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cool songs in tik tok step 3

How to remove a new trend in Tik Tok

how to make a new trend

Popularity on a social network depends on the frequency of attendance of the account by other users. To do this, shoot an interesting clip, interact with the target audience. In order to interest as many people as possible, you must:

  • use trending hashtags;trending hashtags
  • choose a popular soundtrack as musical accompaniment;
  • regularly delight fans with new videos;
  • participate in flash mobs, agitate other clerks;
  • apply trend special effects.

And also constantly monitor the latest news, react to their appearance.

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