New version of Telegram features video stickers


The new version of Telegram features video stickers, improved reactions and other innovations. The new version is already available to all users.

Let’s take a closer look at the updates presented.

Telegram video stickers

Video stickers have been appearing in Telegram since today. Now you can make high-quality animated stickers from ordinary videos using virtually any video editor.

To create new sets, just text the bot @stickers and follow its instructions. You can also set new stickers created by other users.

Also, developers will be able to create their own applications to create and transfer stickers to Telegram using the Sticker Import API.

Improved reactions

Animations for sending reactions have become more compact. To send a larger animation, simply hold down your finger on the emoji in the reactions menu. Like interactive emoji, reactions are now synchronized for sender and recipient – the animation will run simultaneously for everyone in the conversation.

Reactions are not only used to express emotion, but also for feedback. A new heart-shaped button allows you to quickly view all new reactions to your messages.

Also, this update adds 5 new emoji to the list of available reactions. These emoji can also be used as interactive emoji – just send one of them as a separate message and click on the animated version.

Jump to recently opened chats

You can quickly return to the chat you want after you’ve navigated to other chats several times via links or the Go To Next Unread feature. To select which chat you want to return to, hold down the Back button. In the list will be those chats that you have navigated to from forwarded messages, from links, short addresses, from profiles and so on.

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Other fixes and improvements

Improved call quality, added support for translations during quick web browsing (as well as translation of the About Me field on iOS), added the ability to send messages silently through the Share menu – and many other improvements.

In the iOS app, new icon animations have been added to the bottom bar when switching between sections.

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