New VKontakte video player: subtitles, laconic design and …

VKontakte has released a new video player. Most updates are in the mobile version.

One of the main innovations: subtitles that all users will be able to add in the very near future. This will help advertise products and services, even to those people who prefer to watch videos without sound.

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New video player VKontakte

Laconic design

Navigation has become more intuitive, smooth animation and a dark menu have been added.

Fast forward

Now rewinding is possible with just a couple of taps: by double-tapping the right side of the screen, you can rewind forward by 10, and the left side – backward.

Play speed

Now you can speed up or slow down the video playback speed.

Choose quality

Previously, uploading videos to VK was adjusted to the speed of the Internet connection, now you can select the desired quality at any time of the download.

Full screen video

If the video does not occupy the required area on the screen and has a non-standard resolution, it can be stretched to full screen. For iPhone users, it became possible to broadcast video to TV using AirPlay.

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Video Recommendations

The recommendations section has also been updated. When watching any video, a selection of similar videos will be shown. In the video recommendations section, you can put “Like”, subscribe to the author, leave comments, share the video with your subscribers, and also save it to your videos.

Live broadcast categories

Live broadcasts on VKontakte also continue to pursue improvements: the reaction of viewers to the broadcast will be displayed immediately in the news feed, and division into sections will help you quickly find the desired broadcast.

Subtitles in VK video

Subtitles on video in VK

Soon, VKontakte will allow all users to add subtitles to videos. This will open up additional opportunities for commercials (even those who watch without sound will see the text) and training videos (everything can be displayed as text on the screen).

All new functions will be available in the next updates for Android and iOS, as well as the web version of VKontakte. According to the social network, more than 80% of views occur on mobile devices.

Recall that recently VKontakte added statistics for advertising for leads, and also added an advertising account active audience forecast

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