New ways to monetize on YouTube

Summing up the results of the VidCon conference and highlighting the most important thing.

In short, this is the launch of super stickers, detailed tariff plans and the ability to sell your own merchandise.

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New ways to monetize your YouTube channel

Super Stickers

A great future for any video blogger – super stickers, merchandise sales and as many as five tariff plans for subscriptions for followers.

Super Stickers on YouTube

In addition to the existing and already proven super chats, super stickers will be added. Super Stickers are slated to launch in the coming months. Fans can buy them to show their support for their favorite video blogger.

Paid subscription system

The system of paid subscription to channels is also changing. Now bloggers will be able to create up to 5 different tariff plans. New options will allow you to customize different levels of access and set of content.

5 subscription rates

For example, you can divide information content by headings (SMM, SEO, contextual advertising) or by level of training (beginner, specialist, expert).

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Sale of branded merchandise and charity

There have also been more opportunities to sell blogger merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies and covers right on the channel. YouTube has new partners – Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth.

Fundraising on youtube

In addition, a fundraising service for charity is preparing to exit the beta version in the United States. Bloggers will be able to create live fundraising campaigns – fans will be able to donate as much as possible while watching the video using the “Donate” button.

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