Nirvana in Yandex.Zen – a new affiliate program for authors and media

An affiliate program is launching on the Yandex.Zen content platform, which will be responsible for the priority ranking of quality materials from authors and media publications. The program was named “Nirvana” and until October 31, 2018 will work in test mode.

Nirvana in Yandex.Zen was created in order to motivate authors to create high-quality content, and each user saw more unique publications in his feed, from the best authors and media. Which, in turn, will help them better monetize their resource.

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The most important thing: Unique content in Zen will get more exposure.

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How to attain Nirvana? Terms of participation in the affiliate program

For the first few months, Nirvana will be in test mode. During this period, program participants will receive notifications of violations (if any), participants will not be excluded (except for gross violations, for example, full copying of someone else’s content.

The program is open to all media, authors and brands that create quality content. At the time of application, the channel or site must satisfy the conditions of Nirvana for at least a month. Their materials must be copyrighted, not copies or rewrites of others.

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In addition, it is unacceptable for authors: profanity, clickbait and other ways to mislead the user. The resources of those who participate in the affiliate program must also refrain from questionable, intrusive and prohibited advertising, as well as spam in any form.

Numbers: At the time of applying for participation, the channel must have at least 500 subscribers, at least 3 publications in the last month and 7000 readings in the last week. A site that wants to participate in the affiliate program must have at least 10,000 unique visitors per day.

Program participants will receive:

  • more impressions in the Zen feed;
  • VIP support;
  • training materials;
  • personal support manager;
  • special member icon on the channel page.

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What is high-quality material in Yandex Zen

Yandex does not disclose all criteria for evaluating content, but one of them is definitely uniqueness. The rest of the criteria were formed by a team of experts after evaluating more than 10,000 pieces of content on the platform. The work done will help to select the creators of copyright content.

Anyone can apply for participation.

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