Odnoklassniki allowed users, brands and authors to upload stickers

Odnoklassniki now has the ability to upload your own sticker sets. To add stickers, there is a special chat bot that prompts and guides, picks up images and returns a link to the finished sticker pack.

Now users will be able to create their own content to communicate with friends and family. For example, you can make stickers with common jokes, favorite phrases and images – and share them with your friends.

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The new service will also allow creators, celebrities and brands to add their own stickers. Brands using their stickers will be able to integrate into daily communication with users, increase product awareness and increase the number of contacts with the audience. Bloggers and celebrities will receive additional subscriber engagement and will be able to expand their fan base in OK.

If the user liked the sticker that he saw in messages or comments, then he can add the entire set to himself by clicking on it. Thanks to this, the stickers are organically distributed among the users of the social network.

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In addition, in the near future, statistics for sticker pack installations will be available in OK. And everyone who creates their sets by June 30 will get a chance to win a prize from Odnoklassniki.

At the beginning of 2020, personalized stickers created by a neural network for brands appeared on the social network. The first to use them was the Citymobil taxi service, gaining significant growth in group members and 500,000 installs in three days.

Previously, Odnoklassniki were allowed to connect to the call by invitation without authorization on the social network.

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