Odnoklassniki launched a dating service through video chats – “Window”

Odnoklassniki users will be able to expand their circle of acquaintances using the new service “Window”. It allows you to search for interlocutors in a random order and communicate in a video chat format without leaving the social network.

In the “Window” you can quickly find an interlocutor using simple search parameters: gender, age, common interests. Users choose themselves whether to communicate with the person who appears in the “Window” or choose the next user to meet.

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The service automatically substitutes the minimum set of OK user data into the profile in the “Window”: name, gender and age. If desired, the user can replace the name with any other: in this case, it will be displayed during communication. At the same time, gender and age are not visible to the interlocutors.

Users are protected from unwanted acquaintances and bad content: at any time, you can complain about the interlocutor using a special button. After that, OK moderation will receive a screenshot of the call, and the user will be able to go to the next interlocutor. If the user has violated the rules of using the service several times, access to the “Window” may be restricted for him.

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The “Window” can be accessed from the official group “Window – the world of new acquaintances”, it is also available on the OK Games Showcase. To use the new service, you need an OK account. “Window” works on all platforms: desktop and mobile versions of the social network, as well as in OK applications on iOS and Android.

OK plan to develop “Window” and add to it the selection of interlocutors using machine learning algorithms.

Anton Fedchin, head of the social network Odnoklassniki:
– Video communication is one of the trends of recent years, which reached its peak in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Window” reflects this trend well: in it you can find new friends and expand the circle of social connections, while staying at home. Video has a huge advantage over text communication – the ability to see the interlocutor and his emotions. “Window” does an excellent job with this. It is important that the service is located within the social network and complements the main use of OK, introducing an element of spontaneous face-to-face acquaintance and new bright emotions.

Source: Odnoklassniki Press Service

Earlier, Odnoklassniki launched a service for accepting donations for groups, as well as assessing groups based on the analysis of subscribers’ behavior.

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