Odnoklassniki launched a donation service for groups

Administrators of groups in Odnoklassniki will be able to earn on their content using the new donation service “Donates”, developed in conjunction with the service of monetization of author’s content Boosty.to.

All OK users can support the group and transfer any amount to administrators – starting from 1 ruble. The new service will allow creators to make more money on their content, public organizations – to launch charity collections, and all users – to encourage their favorite groups and help them develop.

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How to connect donations in a group in Odnoklassniki

At the first stage, you can connect the collection of donations in groups with at least 50 thousand participants, in the future the service will become available to groups with a smaller number of subscribers.

To do this, administrators need to select the “Donates” menu item in the group settings and specify the amount and purpose for collection. The opportunity to support the group will be displayed for all subscribers in the desktop and mobile versions of the social network.

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To transfer money, subscribers need to click the “Support the group” button, which is located above the group’s news feed. You can also attach your emotion to the donation to express support, joy, and other feelings.

You can transfer money both openly and privately, hiding your name from other users. A list of those who have made a donation will be displayed above the group’s news feed – if desired, the administrator can hide this information in the group settings. Payments will be debited from a bank card linked to the user’s social media account and credited to the group’s account within 24 hours after the transfer.

At launch, the service commission will be 5%. The collected funds will be automatically credited once a day to the bank card specified when setting up “Donates”. Withdrawal fees are charged separately.

Earlier, Odnoklassniki launched an assessment of groups based on the analysis of subscribers’ behavior, as well as marathons – thematic feeds of photos with a hashtag.

Source: Odnoklassniki Press Service

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