Odnoklassniki launched a group assessment based on the analysis of subscriber behavior

A special status has appeared in groups in Odnoklassniki, which shows administrators and supermoderators the interest of users in the content. It is displayed on the group pages as colored icons: red, yellow, green. The icons in the groups are called User Interest and change based on the response from subscribers.

At the heart of the system is a machine learning algorithm that dynamically evaluates content and the response of group subscribers to it. Dozens of different factors influence the appearance of this or that status. For example, the regularity of publications of materials, the quality of feedback from subscribers, involvement in content in relation to its reach, the uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of publications, the absence of abnormal bursts of activity in relation to posts, the proportion of bots among participants, and much more.

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The green badge will go to those groups that have the best rating in the analysis of subscriber engagement, they are included in the selection of group recommendations from the social network. A yellow badge is awarded to groups that are deemed of sufficient quality to qualify for recommendations. Groups with a red icon will be excluded from recommendations and showcases of OK groups, as they received the worst result among similar groups based on the analysis of user engagement.

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The group quality rating will be displayed only for administrators and supermoderators of “open groups”, other types of groups (“closed” and “secret”) are not included in the rating system. But even open groups that have not been active in the last 5-10 days will not see information about user interest.

The innovation will help administrators understand how to become useful and interesting to subscribers. To do this, along with the group’s assessment, there are short tips on what the group should work on and how to improve. Groups are evaluated by the algorithm on a regular basis, so if administrators follow the algorithm’s recommendations and the content resonates more with subscribers, the group can improve its status.

The service for assessing the interest of group subscribers works in the desktop version of the social network. Soon, OK plans to launch a group rating system based on user behavior factors also for social network applications on iOS and Android platforms.

Odnoklassniki had previously launched marathons, as well as Moments (disappearing publications).

Source: OK Press Service

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