Odnoklassniki launched a menu of links for groups

The social network Odnoklassniki introduced a new type of group design – a menu of links, which allows you to structure information for users. The new tool will make it possible to visually demonstrate services, products, videos, photos, popular topics or applications.

The links menu is a selection of cards above the news feed. Each card contains a personal cover and a link to a specific section of the social network. The menu of the VKontakte group looks similar.

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How to make a group menu in Odnoklassniki

Links in the menu allow you to highlight important sections in a group in Odnoklassniki: products, playlists, certain publications, video channels and photo albums. And card covers will highlight the unique page design and enhance the visual appeal of the group.

To customize the group menu on Odnoklassniki, follow our instructions.

Step 1… Open the group settings and click “Profile View”.

Step 2… Find the “Menu” section. Opposite the inscription “Block visibility” select “Show”, and below click “Add new item”.

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How to add a new menu item in Odnoklassniki

Step 3… Enter a link to the required section of the group (external links are not supported), specify the name of the menu item (no more than 20 characters) and download the cover. Minimum cover size: 228×192 pixels, format: JPG, PNG.

How to put the cover of a menu item in Odnoklassniki

Finally, save your changes.

To turn off the group menu in Odnoklassniki, in the same place in the settings opposite the “Block visibility” label, simply select “Don’t show”.

How to remove the menu in a group in Odnoklassniki

The new tool allows you to customize groups and pages as much as possible. The group menu in Odnoklassniki is already available on all platforms: in the desktop and mobile versions of the social network, as well as in OK applications for Android and iOS.

Earlier Odnoklassniki launched interactive advertising in the mobile news feed.

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