Odnoklassniki launched interactive advertising in the mobile news feed

Odnoklassniki has a new format of interactive advertising in HTML5 format, with which you can interact directly in the news feed. Advertisers will be able to introduce users to their products or services in a playful way, give out incentive prizes in the form of personal discounts, promotional codes and other gifts.

The interactive format is placed in the user’s feed and looks like a post with a button that, when clicked, launches a mini-game. It provides a two-way interaction with the audience, and the visuals from the minigame increase brand awareness. Upon completion of the interactive, the user can receive a promo code from the brand, start communicating with the chatbot, go to the OK group or to the advertiser’s external website.

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Based on the results of test campaigns, an interactive advertising format brings on average three times more conversions than standard promo posts and allows you to more effectively communicate about the product and motivate the user to take targeted action.

One of the first to test the new format was the jewelry brand SOKOLOV. According to the plot of the game, the user must choose his own surprise from the boxes with decorations presented on the screen. As a result of the interactive, everyone who completes the task receives a coupon or a discount promotional code for the purchase of the brand’s jewelry.

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Interactive advertising works in the OK mobile application on the Android platform. Development of unique projects in a new format is available upon request in the department of special projects of the social network by e-mail: [email protected]… The OK team of special projects will help to develop and implement a solution that suits the brand’s objectives.

Earlier Odnoklassniki launched advertising publications with a “carousel” of goods and links.

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