Odnoklassniki launched marathons – thematic feeds of photos with a hashtag

The social network Odnoklassniki has launched Marathons, a service that allows you to share photos on a specific topic, find like-minded people, exchange emotions and become more popular. The new tool will be useful for bloggers and groups to increase reach, as it allows you to attract the attention of a wide audience. In addition, marathons will help increase engagement and get user generated content.

With the help of marathons, you can launch a challenge, invite friends to share photos of their favorite places in the city, involve subscribers in using the brand’s products, or ask them to visualize their experience. Marathons can be used to draw attention to an important issue for the author, such as support for social or educational projects.

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How to run a marathon on Odnoklassniki

Marathons can be created by both users and group admins. After publication, they appear on a separate showcase and in the news feed, from where everyone can join them. You can start a marathon from the marathon showcase – all you need to do is come up with a description, a unique hashtag and upload the first image.

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To become a participant in the marathon, you just need to upload a photo with a signature using the selected hashtag. Each new participant contributes to the popularity of the marathon: the publication of a photo with the button “Participate” will be displayed in the news feed of his friends.

Authors of the most popular marathons, who show a rapid increase in the number of participants, will be able to get additional coverage on the showcase and in the news feed in a special section of marathons. In this way, budding bloggers, new groups and active authors can gain additional engagement from their audience.

The first to test the new service was the ORBI Stroke Foundation. The #Smile marathon, which was launched to mark World Stroke Day, was attended by about 50,000 participants.

Service “Marathons” works in the desktop and mobile versions of the social network. In mobile applications on Android and iOS, users can also participate in already created marathons, and will soon be able to create them.

Earlier, Moments (an analogue of stories) appeared in Odnoklassniki, and goods from AliExpress began to be sold in the social network marketplace.

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