Odnoklassniki launched smart video tape in Android application

Odnoklassniki presented a smart video tape in an Android application. Now users can watch videos and broadcasts on social networks in automatic mode, without being distracted by other content.

At the heart of the feed is a smart algorithm that, using machine learning, offers the user videos that may be of interest to him. The video tape is started by opening any video in OK.

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The rollers switch automatically without interruption. Users can watch videos or broadcasts of a certain channel or group in autoplay mode, or start a playlist made by artificial intelligence.

Even during testing, it was noticed that the number of views of videos in the new feed has doubled. Also, users have become more likely to leave comments on videos thanks to the quick comment function.

In the coming days, the smart video tape will become available to all users of the social network in the Android application. On iOS, the update will be released in 2019.

Also “Odnoklassniki” launched photo polls and new cover format for bands

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