Odnoklassniki opened access to statistics of personal pages

The social network Odnoklassniki opened profile statistics to users. Now they can find out what content is of the most interest to their friends.

With the help of the new tool, personal profiles will have access to the same analytics capabilities as groups and verified pages of stars who previously received access to statistics.

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How to see the statistics of a personal page in Odnoklassniki and what data can be found there

To see the statistics of a personal page in Odnoklassniki, you must first enable it in the settings. Open your profile settings, in the “General” section, find “Personal Profile Statistics” and click the toggle next to it to ON.

After that, the link “Go to statistics” will appear below. Click on it and go to the overview of personal page statistics.

How to view statistics of a personal page in Odnoklassniki

Statistics are available to users who have more than 100 friends. Data can be accessed on all platforms: in the OK web interface, in the mobile version of the social network, and in iOS and Android apps.

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Among the indicators that statistics allows you to track in user profiles – reach, that is, the number of people who saw the post, the geography of friends, their actions (views, classes, comments, reposts, page transitions). With the help of statistics data, you can also see which content is gaining the most views among posts, photos and videos.

Statistics in user profiles will be useful, including for people promoting their business using a page in OK. With its help, you can understand how users react and make more posts that appeal to the audience and attract new customers. In addition, novice authors and users creating unique content, by looking at the statistics, will be able to understand what is interesting to their readers.

The social network also launched an advertising cabinet that allows content authors and all users to find their audience on the social network.

Earlier, we reported that in groups in Odnoklassniki, it became possible to customize action buttons.

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