Odnoklassniki opened statistics of personal profiles for bloggers and famous people

Users of the social network Odnoklassniki with official pages got access to the statistics of their profiles for the first time. Now everyone whose profiles in OK are marked with a blue daw can track the growth and churn of subscribers, as well as reach, engagement, feedback and a number of other indicators.

Previously, detailed statistics were only available to groups.

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What will be in statistics

The new tool will be useful for bloggers and celebrities who regularly interact with the audience on OK using their personal profile. Statistics will help content authors solve the main analytical tasks when working with a personal page: to understand whether the target audience is reached, find out its main interests, the most popular posts and user reactions to certain publications.

Among the indicators that can now be tracked in profile statistics are the growth and churn of subscribers, reach, engagement, socio-demographic characteristics of the audience, detailed actions with publications (views, classes, comments, reposts, page clicks), complaints and hiding posts.

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Access to user statistics is open only to verified pages with blue jackdaws – the official pages of stars, bloggers and other famous personalities.

The new service is fully available in the OK web interface, in the mobile version of the social network and in applications for iOS and Android.

Earlier this year, the social network launched an ad account that allows content authors and all users to find their audience on the social network. With the help of an advertising cabinet, you can set up the promotion of posts with any content formats, including videos, photos and links, without leaving the social network.

In addition, in 2018, OK launched a system for promoting the pages of famous artists, public figures and bloggers. In the news feed, users are recommended to the official pages of famous people based on their interests, gender and age.

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