Official Tik Tok statistics in 2021

TikTok statistics is a metric that will tell you about the popularity of your account and your blog’s growth prospects. Surely you have come across this concept in other social networks or areas of life. It is quite developed in business, politics, the media, and other virtual platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, and so on. The indicator, in fact, speaks about the page traffic, its responses and the return of subscribers. In this article, we’ll take a look at how popular TikTok is in 2021 and what the official numbers are.

Tik Tok growth statistics

Initially, the software was launched back in 2014, and was focused on educational content, video tutorials and lectures. But when the owner realized that it didn’t work, he sold the site. After its complete reboot in 2017, an entertainment social network was introduced that took off almost immediately. And if until 2017 there were only a few tens of thousands of downloads, now there are already more than 100 million downloads on various devices around the world.

Tik Tok auditorium

At the end of 2019, Out Digital agency monitored regular and new clients of the site. The indicators are very impressive:

  • 6.8 million regular users in 30 calendar days;tik tok application statistics
  • more than eight billion videos are viewed monthly by people;
  • average video viewing duration per day – up to 36 minutes;
  • the average account owner logs into the program about seven times a day.

The following indicators also prove fame:

  • As of December 2019, Tik-Tok software has been downloaded 1.5 billion times (according to the Play Market and Appstore technologists, this has even exceeded the ratings of the giants Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat);
  • 500 million of them are stably active;
  • users are authorized from 155 countries of the world;
  • almost half of the current permanent audience are adolescents, young people aged 16 to 24;
  • more than 14 million are adults.
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Why became popular

The secret to popularity is simplicity. Initially, the developers chose the right direction vector, and they skillfully develop it to this day. Target audience – youth and teenagers. Given the market and trends, most often they like something new, fashionable, musical, entertaining. They received just such software.

What brands do on TikTok

Since the site has a lot of fans and is developing steadily, it is not surprising that there is a lot of advertising here. Promote any goods and services. But, according to the rules and the license agreement, the market place is limited here.

Basic promotion formats – advertising opportunities

Tik Tok’s audience statistics allows you to display good response rates in the following areas:

  • thematic challenges and contests;
  • brand integration;
  • native videos;
  • creating labeled stickers and masks;
  • cooperation with popular bloggers.

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge

The implementation and principle of the Hashtag Challenge are very simple – the administration announces the competition and publishes the conditions. The default requirements are to record a thematic video, publish and put a hashtag. This is how millions of clips on a specific topic are recruited.

Brand takeover

Brand takeover

Social Media Takeover is a new phenomenon in the world of social media and ad management. Experts describe this as a deeper format of brand-consumer collaboration. The principle is as follows: a company (brand) page is created on a social network, and guests are entrusted to maintain it. They post stories, stream and answer subscribers’ questions. Due to this concept, a rapid increase in the audience is recorded. And the practice of large companies shows the effectiveness of the Brand Takeover strategy. This technique is used by Yandex.Music, Gogol-Center, and Nashe Radio.

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In-Feed Native Video

Native video is about embedding a video ad directly into the viewing segment. That is, a person scrolls the page, and he is shown some kind of short production.

Branded lenses, masks, stickers

Branded tik tok

Another type of branding that is widely used in 2021. You create masks, stickers or lenses in some style, unobtrusively place your logo or hashtag, and publish.

Placements with bloggers

Interaction with popular bloggers is a chance to get a lot of “live” subscribers. It is worth choosing those who have a million audience and a good response from it.

TikTok content

When registering, the software invites you to familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct on a social network and the specifics of publishing content. Almost no one reads them, but the requirements are standard:

  • publish loyal content;
  • do not cross the line 18+;
  • be polite and tolerant;
  • avoid plagiarism;
  • do not create fake pages.

It is this focus that makes TikTok safe for minors and children. Today in the feed of this application there are only colorful dance videos.

How to view statistics in Tik Tok

how to view statistics in tick tok

To see the statistics of the TikTok account, it is possible to use the built-in analytics. It is available on any account in the settings section. However, if you are a popular blogger, then there will be little information there for an objective assessment. Then we advise you to use the special monitoring resource Popsters. There you will be able to display detailed indicators and compare pages. All numbers are presented in a convenient format – in statistics and charts.

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how to find out statistics in tick tok

how to check statistics in tick tok

Cases from the TikTok app

The application has several thousand successful PR campaigns or promotions. If you are still in doubt about the active return of the page, then we advise you to take a closer look at the #inmydenim case from Guess.

tik tok user statistics

We launched it in the fall of 2018. With the help of a comedy video, in which the need to wear modern and high-quality clothing was shown in a funny manner, advertisers attracted over 30 million users.

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