Old and new price in the product card in VK

VKontakte told about the next update. Now you can specify the old and new prices in the product cards.

The innovation will be able to be used by all owners of online stores in the social network VKontakte, to indicate discounts on the desired positions, seasonal sales and other promotions.

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How to specify the old price for a VK product

To configure the display of the old and new prices in the product card, go to your group and go to the “Products” section.

Step 1. Start creating a new one or start editing an already posted product. Enter the current price and then click Add Old Price.

Step 2. In the text box that appears, enter the old price. To remove or hide the old cost, click on the cross next to it.

How to make a jet and a new price for a product in VK

After that, when viewing the product card, users will see the cost of the product, and the previous cost will be crossed out next to it.

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Strikethrough price for goods on VKontakte

Earlier, VKontakte added the “Opinions” sticker to Stories.

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