Old version of Tik Tok application for Android and iPhone

The old version of TikTok is the very first software that the developers released for use. For Android, the official online store with licensed software is Play Market, and for iPhone – Appstor. Today it is possible to download the original of the social network TikTok from these sources. But this is an extremely up-to-date software. All ancient utilities are contained in unofficial resources. We will tell you about the features of their search in the article below.

A bit of history


If you have just recently entered the world of colorful videos, then you probably do not remember how it all began. Originally in 2014, a certain Alex Zhu launched a platform called Musical.ly. It looked and functioned differently. TikTok history facts:

  • the developers of the very first variation planned this site as an educational resource – a resource with video lessons, appeals from professors, teachers and experts in narrow directions;
  • in this form, the software did not enter its target audience, and the owners decided to reformat it to entertaining;
  • in November 2017, a social network appeared, the owners of which were already Bytedance;
  • Bytedance bought the Musicly and created the better-known Chinese holding TikTok;
  • target audience – children, youth, teenagers and other advanced users.

Today this site is boldly called one of the most successful in the history of entertainment social networks. But due to updates and regular improvements to the functionality, all the old variations have already ceased to function.

How can I download the old program and restore my account?

download tik tok app old version

You won’t be able to download the old version of Tik Tok from official sources – Play Market or App Store. They can only be found on third-party sources. For example, use uptodown.com and install these jailbroken versions on your device.

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