Online status on Instagram officially launched

On July 19, 2018, the online status on Instagram was officially launched. Until that time, most users could see it as well.

Online user right now or not, is shown in the Instagram directory.

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Why do you need an online status on Instagram

As conceived by the developers, this should motivate users to use the direct more often (which in the future should become a separate application, as IGTV).

When someone you previously corresponded with is now online, a green dot will light up next to their avatar. The status is displayed in the private messages section and when you choose who to share content with from the section Instagram Stories

How to hide your online status on Instagram

If you do not want anyone to see whether you are online or not, you can make the appropriate profile settings.

We go into the settings, find the item “Network status” and tap on it. In the window that opens, opposite the line “Show network status”, move the toggle switch to the off position.

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Earlier in Instagram has a sticker of questionsand it also became possible hide posts from the feed

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