“Oops, it looks like you can’t use Tik Tok: reasons, what to do?

What does “Oops, looks like you can’t use TikTok, but thanks for your interest”? This question is considered one of the most popular on user forums. These publics contain a lot of useful information about using the platform. Tik Tok account holders ask each other about the reasons for the breakdown. Often this error occurs for various problems. One of them is an incorrect username or password. In this case, you need to click on the “Forgot password” button and restore the data again. To do this, the account is linked to an email or mobile phone. Read about the rest of the reasons below.

What does “Oops, looks like you can’t use Tik Tok” mean?

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“Oops, it looks like you can’t use Tik Tok – the message that is displayed when you log in. Tik Tok program is a common application for publishing video content. Here you need to recruit the target audience. Subscribers bring real earnings. The promoted pages are offered advertisements for various goods and services. In 2021, tutorials and dance videos are in demand. However, there are difficulties here too. Every user has encountered a similar problem. It means that the account owner cannot open his page. When a failure occurs, a number of actions are required. First, establish the reason. Then move on to solving the problem. Determine the correct way.


Why the problem occurs:

  • a false username and password was entered;
  • malfunction of the mobile phone;
  • technical work on the site;
  • lack of internet connection.
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What to do?

fix the problem

After identifying the problem, select one of the recommendations. In the first case, check the correctness of the written letters and numbers. If you forgot the data, then restore access in the application. Use a mobile number or email address. Try restarting your gadget and re-enabling it. Perform a factory reset and update your device. Check your Wi-Fi and mobile internet connections. Another option is to try logging in after 10-15 minutes. The site may be temporarily down.

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